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Kenyatta University Awarded the ‘Best Digital School’

Nairobi, November 27, 2014

Kenyatta University took pride in receiving the award for having the best ICT programme in Higher Education by the Computer Science Society of Kenya. Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda received the award at the 19th Annual Kenya ICT Excellence awards ceremony held at the Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi. Ms. Eunice Kariuki, the Marketing Director of Kenya ICT Authority, stated that the University has been a trendsetter for launching a Digital School for higher education in Kenya.

Kenyatta University’s Digital School is powered by mElimu. The online distance learning platform provides the students of the Digital School an adaptive, efficient and proactive education system. mElimu tablets and platform not only let students learn and grasp the course content at their convenience of time and place, but also lets them assess their progress, submit assignments, take quizzes, contact the professors and do a lot more.

The institution has been offering outstanding services to its students in Kenya, and the recognition at the Annual Kenya ICT Excellence awards vouches for its excellence in the field of higher education in Kenya. The award also marks the high-level performance of the University as a provider of Digital School to its students.
mElimu, in its venture to partner with more such universities in Kenya, dreams of making quality higher education available to all the aspirants.

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