LMS for Healthcare - Medical Training Platform

The LMS for healthcare, telemedicine, and medical with advanced patient care through its training and support of seamless course content.

LMS for Healthcare - Medical Training Platform
Serving Pharma, Hospitals, Nursing
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Serving Pharma, Hospitals, Nursing

mElimu with healthcare-specific features is a valuable solution to the healthcare industry, especially in meeting compliance regulations and providing continuous education to medical professionals and staff keeping a tap of changing industry-specific innovations. Continuing education for medical professionals (Continuing Medical Education or CME), nursing staff (Continuing Nursing Education or CNE), and other medical workforces need regulated accreditations. mElimu LMS has healthcare-related features for imparting required training to the medical practitioners and Staff, thereby, monitoring, tracking, and reporting the progress and conducting learning assessments. The LMS for healthcare, telemedicine, and medical, elevates the learning experience with advanced patient care through its training and support of seamless course content.


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Ongoing Medical Education for Diverse Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

These include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. who may use LMS for various training purposes.

  • Get accredited courses and modules for continuing education requirements.
  • Access to simulations and case studies to improve clinical skills.
  • Preparation materials for certification exams.


Healthcare Students

They may use LMS for medical education to get course material, take practice assessments, and for their educational preparations.

  • Access to medical curriculum materials, lectures, and study resources.
  • Take interactive quizzes, virtual labs, and collaborative tools to enhance the learning experience.
  • Feedback on performance and assessment scores to monitor progress.


Healthcare Administrators and Managers

The administrators or managerial level employees can stay up to date and track other employees progress with Healthcare LMS.

  • Tools to ensure that staff members are up-to-date with healthcare regulations and compliance standards.
  • Robust reporting and analytics to track the progress of medical teams.
  • Utilize LMS features for cost-effective training and resource allocation.


Healthcare IT and Support Staff

They may use LMS for technical training and accessing troubleshooting resources.

  • Join healthcare-specific courses within LMS, managing medical devices, and IT security.
  • Access to troubleshooting guides and resources to resolve technical issues quickly.


Healthcare Researchers and Scientists

Medical researchers and scientists may use LMS for research support and collaboration with others.

  • Access to research papers, publications, and tools related to medical research.
  • Tools for collaboration with other researchers and institutions.


Patients and Caregivers

Patients may use LMS for self-learning and health literacy.

  • The easy-to-understand educational content on various health topics.
  • Resources for managing chronic conditions and improving overall health.
  • Ensure that any personal health information is handled securely and in compliance with privacy regulations.

Varied Medical Learning and Continuing Education


Support for Multiple Credit Types

To enable smooth professional and healthcare training, the LMS supports multiple credit types, including CEU, CME, CNE, and ACCME PARS.

  • CEUs for Skill Maintenance: Medical professionals from a variety of industries can acquire CEUs by completing learning hours or activities, allowing them to keep up with technological advances, grow their medical businesses, and improve their engineering, business, and IT skills.
  • Support for CME and CNE: To help medical professionals stay up-to-date on medical advancements and maintain their licenses, healthcare organizations can use ACCME PARS through the LMS to deliver CME and CNE.
  • Credential Tracking: The LMS enables setting up various CEU types for tasks and lessons, making it easier to keep track of and report on the credits that learners have earned. Credit is also assigned automatically.
  • Centralized Credential Display: Medical professionals can easily view the credits they’ve acquired for particular courses or activities on their learner profile dashboard. This data can also be seen on their certificates and transcripts.

Certificate Auto-generation and Tracking

LMS automates certificate creation and monitors healthcare professionals’ progress. Upon completing mandatory training and assessments, certificates are automatically generated.

  • Activate Certificate Auto-generation: When learners complete the required training and assessment requirements, they can activate the certificate auto-generation feature.
  • Auto-reflection on Profile: Upon successful course or assessment completion, a certificate is automatically generated and promptly displayed on the learner’s profile. Learners can easily download the digital certificate or share it on social mediums.
  • Send Notification: The learner receives a notification email that includes a congratulations message and the digitally generated certificate.
  • Certificate Verification: To ensure accuracy and uniqueness, the LMS system verifies certificates that were generated automatically. To make it simple to distinguish each certificate from the others, each is given a special ID.
LMS Game-Based Learning


This technique for improving learning through the use of simulations, augmented reality, and virtual reality encourages learners to pursue courses while earning rewards.

  • Clear Goals and Objectives: Encourages a sense of accomplishment and advancement when learning milestones are met while breaking down challenges and goals into doable tasks.
  • Rewards and Feedback: Learners receive rewards and constructive feedback that helps them to keep getting better at what they’re learning.
  • Points, badges, and leaderboards: These tools reward learners as they finish assignments and demonstrate mastery of particular concepts. Leaderboards also allow learners to see how they rank in relation to other learners who are participating in the same activity.
  • Social interaction: Encourages teamwork on projects with common objectives and fosters a sense of community through social networking features like forums, chat rooms, and user profiles.
  • Certification: Immediately following successful course completion, certificates bearing the medical institute’s branding and logo are generated.

Security and Scalability

mElimu is a robust and adaptable learning management system that equips users with a secure and scalable platform.

  • Supports multi-factor authentication: Enables thousands of learners to be grouped together under one roof across various locations and time zones.
  • High Scalability: Provides the capacity to manage a sizable user base and sizable data volumes.
  • Security: The protocols SAML and Auth 2.0 exist to guarantee data integrity.

Personalized Certificates

Create personalized certificates that are in line with the principles and tone of your healthcare to give learners a sense of community.

  • Data collection: Compile the necessary details for customizing the certificate, such as the text, color scheme, branding elements (logo and fonts), and learner-specific information like names, abilities, accomplishments, and training history.
  • Design your certificate: Make them visually appealing, taking into account things like size, dimensions, the publishing format (print or digital), and file type. LMS helps make sure the brand identity is maintained at all times during the design process.
  • Customize certificates: Automatically populate learner information into the Healthcare Learning Management System (LMS), enabling changes to certificate settings to incorporate pertinent information like learner names, completion dates, certificate IDs, and achievements.
  • Delivery of certificates: Learners can download their digital medical certificates after receiving them via email. They automatically sync with their profiles and are simple to share on social media.

Additional Features for Medical Education and Learning

Professional Learning Portfolio

This feature in mEimu LMS for healthcare provides a comprehensive way for learners to showcase their achievements and credentials, even from external sources as well, making it a valuable tool for career growth and advancement. Healthcare professionals can showcase the certificates, rewards, CME/CNE proofs, leaderboards, and course credits they have earned on the LMS dashboard or profile.

Synchronized Data

There exists a 2-way data synchronization between the LMS and Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) for enhanced reporting and visibility of accreditation history.

Third-Party integrations

The leading CRMs, including Salesforce and Zoho, ERPs, HRMSs, SIS, and conference tools, are all effortlessly integrated with mElimu, a cloud-based nonprofit LMS. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees an integrated user experience, free of charge, from onboarding to field assistance.

Seamless Integrations

Smooth Integrations with external systems, such as the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS), ensure seamless synchronization of accreditation information, enhancing reporting and visibility for healthcare providers.

Reduced Compliance Risks

Compliance with medical standards such as HIPAA, medical policies and laws ensure reduced compliance risks, and encourage healthcare professionals to pursue CME and CNE for better patient care.

Streamline Training

mElimu’s Healthcare learning management system eradicates customized training bottlenecks to ensure better healthcare training through a centralized and streamlined learning platform.

Intensify learner's engagements with Game-Based Learning feature

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