BFSI Learning Management System - Online Financial Training

Streamline the Learning journey of your employees with mElimu’s Intuitive Learning Management system


Interactive BFSI Online LMS with a high response rate

mElimu’s mobile LMS tailored for the BFSI industry, along with pre-hiring assessment and AI-proctoring features, offers a comprehensive solution for the BFSI sector. Training Courses for the underlying processes, federal laws, and mandates for banks, insurance companies, private equity firms, and other similar financial institutions can be well structured in mElimu LMS. In order to avoid legal penalties and trials, LMS ensures data management, security, compliance, audit, and better customer and service management.

Accurate Hiring

mElimu LMS Platform for BFSI and Financial services is built in such a way that for hiring the right candidate it’s pre-hiring assessment feature ensures intelligent skill assessment for new recruits.

Business Need

mElimu ensures both hard and soft skill training and certifications by structuring the training material on cybersecurity best practices, techniques, compliance, and audit policies.

Rich Content

mElimu’s Lms enables the structuring of the Latest and updated content in the form of text, videos, and audio on current federal standards, laws, and practices, Risk Management, Cyber Security, etc. that is available for quick learning.


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Empower your Workforce through Continuous Training

Internal Staff

  • Introduction to company culture & values, company policies, and procedures
  • Overview of employee benefits and perks
  • Training on software and tools used within the organization
  • Introduction to colleagues and team members



  • In-depth understanding of industry regulations and legal requirements
  • Training on anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) protocols
  • Overview of data security and privacy practices



  • Product training: Understanding the range of financial products and services offered
  • Policies and procedures
  • Role-playing scenarios for customer interactions and customer benefits
  • Competitive analysis and market positioning


Customer Handling Training

  • For effective communication with customers
  • Handling customer inquiries and complaints
  • Cross-selling and upselling techniques
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills


Channel Partners

  • Detailed overview of the partnership program, its benefits and incentives
  • Training on the company's products and services
  • Guidance on how to promote and sell company offerings
  • Insurance Agents training on Compliance


HR Training

  • Overview of HR functions including HR ethics and professionalism
  • HR Policies and Compliance including employment laws and regulations along with workplace safety and health regulations
  • On Conflict management and employee engagement

Engage & Reward your Workforce by Interactive LMS

LMS Game-Based Learning


It incorporates game elements into the learning processes to enhance the Learner’s engagement levels

  • Quiz challenges: For employees to test their knowledge and earn points or rewards.
  • Scenarios and simulations: A scenario-based learning where employees make decisions and experience consequences, helping them understand real-world situations.
  • Progress tracking: Implement progress bars, levels, and badges to show employees their advancement through the onboarding process.
  • Leaderboards: Introduce friendly competition by displaying the progress of different employees, fostering a sense of achievement.

Interactive Contents (i-Learn)

Use of various interactive content formats that keeps employees engaged and actively involved while learning:

  • Videos and animations: For a clear understanding of complex concepts or demonstrate procedures.
  • Presentations: we have inbuilt 50 presentation templates for creating interactive e-learning modules for learners.
  • Branching scenarios: Present employees with choices and consequences with a tree-like structure to simulate decision-making in real-world scenarios, and many more
i-Learn interactive - e-learning LMS


To motivate employees and reward their achievements, perceptible incentives are provided.

  • Points and Badges: Assign points and badges for completing modules, quizzes, or tasks, which can accumulate over time.
  • Coupons: Predefined coupons are rewarded to Learners on successful course/Training completion.
  • Certificates: Issue certificates upon successful completion of specific training milestones.
  • Access to resources: Offer exclusive access to resources, tools, or content for reaching specific achievements.

Collateral Benefits to Extend the Seamless Learning Experience

Third-Party Integrations

Facilitate third-party integrations ( Like CRM, payment gateways, simulation software, Video conferencing tools, content repositories, etc) to enhance the working capability of the LMS Platform and share the seamless learning experience with Learners

Offline Accessibility

In case of no Internet access like while traveling or during remote client interactions, Users can access the platform while syncing the contents in their mobile and tablets and participate in activities offline

Multitenancy Framework

Multitenancy feature helps to manage multi-departments within the same organization, specific to roles within the BFSI industry. Competency framework integration with LMS can align Learning objectives, assess skill gaps and share personalized learning Paths.

Monitoring & Evaluation

LMS can track user behavior by continuously monitoring their learning paths and behavior. Thereby, evaluating their performance rates and sharing feedback based on the analysis by the system. This also helps to set up customized learning paths for users on the basis of their learning requirements and the behavioral analysis feature of the system.

Fully White-Labelled

A fully white-labeled LMS can be customized to match your organization's branding, enhancing the sense of ownership and alignment with your company's identity

Competency Framework

Competency-based training approach through LMS help employees to have training for the skills and knowledge that are required to perform their job responsibilities.

Multi-Learning Environment

Supports self-paced learning, blended learning, and offline learning by keeping LMS accessible at remote locations and on mobile devices as well.

Employee Retention

LMS platform helps to recognize or reward the employees by upskilling or reskilling the employees through streamlined training courses within the LMS system.

Propel Employee’s Learning Journey with a high response rate

student engagements with Game-Based Learning