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mElimu provides a comprehensive solution including:


Analytics and KPIs


Natively integrated with Salesforce®


iOS and Android Apps

Learning Management System Use Cases

Non-dues revenue generation for associations and non-profits using Salesforce

Are you an association or a non-profit? Are you struggling with the cost of LMS integration with your Saleforce? mElimu is designed to work natively with your AMS systems. We offer solutions for you to monetize your content.

mElimu solution integrates with your AMS system so that you can utilize the shopping cart and member community within your Fonteva or NimbleAMS setup. mElimu courses will be sold from your Salesforce community so that there is only one System of Records.

mElimu provides unlimited reports within your Salesforce using mElimu LMS data so that you do not need to pay to customize your Saleforce.

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Customer Training

Online customer training provides benefits that are measurable and tangible including reduction in service calls, improvement in customer engagement, reduction in face-to-face training sessions, improvement in customer revenues, reduction in customer dissatisfaction. Any organization that serves internal or external customers, will benefit tremendously with mElimu customer training solution.

mElimu customer training solution seamlessly work within your Service Cloud, Community Cloud, or Commerce Cloud setup.

mElimu is an effective method to upsell and improve revenue realization by increasing user adoption.

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Employees Training

90% or more employees and almost every millennial voted in a recent survey that they value professional development more than other perks. Training and skill development is considered as an important factor in the growth of an organization.

Management has also found measurable benefits of Just-in-time and continuous training to improve productivity and employee engagement.

Covid-19 and other future possible pandemics will require that organizations institute a method for continuous online learning.

mElimu makes employee learning attractive, flexible, and mobile. Employees can learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device. mElimu enables integrations with HR solution, Payroll solution or your Salesforce system to ensure easy tracking of your employees.
You may link training with job performance and evaluations

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Gig-worker Training

40% of the work-force is involved in some form of independent work under the new term ‘gig-economy’. If your organization employs part-time workers, it’s very important to provide a seamless onboarding mechanism with mElimu Learning Management System.

Gig-workers would like to learn about the organization as well as their tasks and job requirements. Your organization also needs to ensure that the gig-workers are well trained before they represent your organization.

mElimu Learning Management System provides an easy method to train independent workers with flexible, mobile and interactive learning.

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Compliance Training

Ongoing and just-in-time compliance training provides a safe and supportive environment for your employees to work within your organization. Some of the highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, airlines, banking, pharma, etc requires that the employees are updated with every changing regulatory requirements.

Online compliance training allows you to craft micro learning modules that are available to your work-force without any constraint. Compliance training is never a one-time effort. Compliance training is an ongoing exercise for your employees to get the check-list and faqs for each task in their day-to-day job.

mElimu automates many learning tasks so that Learning and Development staff may focus on quality content creation.

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Sale’s Training

Sales training is very important for revenue generation in almost every sales scenario. Well trained sales professionals, bring in more revenue for their organizations. Sales training that’s seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, reduces the burden of training sales team on various products. It also reduces the over all roll-out costs for new products and any changes to the existing product lines.

mElimu sales training solution is mobile, it’s flexible and provides interactivity that sales team deserves. We offer customized learning pathways so that you can integrate learning along with CPQ or within your CRM integration.

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Partner Training

Selling or delivering your products and services with help from distributed channels, has been regarded as an important value for most organization. Multi-channel distribution also requires an effective training and communication platform. Organizations must share knowledge with their partners and employees within each partner organization to improve their efficiency.

Many organizations and associations also work with partners and affiliates to sell and service their customers.

mElimu Learning Management System provides a branded solution for affiliates and partners. They may even setup their own content in addition to the content shared by your organization. Analytics is the key differentiator.

We integrate mElimu LMS within partner portals and salesforce to ensure a seamless engagement with your partner network.

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Supplier Training

Suppliers are a critical part of any organization. Without an agile supply chain, it is not feasible for any organization to grow their business. Suppliers provide outsourced tech support, supply goods and parts to centers or directly to your clients, or engage with you in a different manner.

mElimu LMS provides a mechanism for you to train your Suppliers at scale. Organizations can ensure that the compliance for suppliers is managed through an online certificate and training credential. If you have a documented participation in the expected policy compliance with a course completion, the errors will be limited.
We provide certificates and credentials for your organization to be successful with ongoing training of your suppliers.

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