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Analytics and KPIs

Natively integrated

IOS and Android


Intuitive user interface

An easy-to-use user interface is easy to understand, easy to like, easy to use.
You could just figure out everything more quickly with any device. However,
users are more satisfied with the end result.

Learning-centric approach

Not all users are the same, and will not have the same training needs,
learning styles, or technical skills. Our in-service training program is
customized for personal use with easy-to-follow instructions and is
designed to match a particular student's needs, interests, and aspirations.

Performance tracking

The mELimu corporate training program has a tool for measuring progress
and understanding as employees complete tasks. Our system also allows
your employees the opportunity to evaluate their progress with
assessments and to be able to generate feedback to improve. Corporate
training will be most effective when the outcome can be analyzed and

Multi-device support

Because employees are more likely to use training courses while traveling or
during business hours, mElimu enables mobile-based training solutions to
be set up anytime, anywhere, on any device. Both offline and online
connectivity, which offers learning even when the internet is not available.

Multimedia & Interactivity solution

mElimu corporate training solution is embedded with multimedia material in
the training content. Images, videos, and audio files are equally important to
keep the engagement module integrated and diverse. As the interactive
module maintains the employee engages in training.

Automatic reporting

To monitor and monitor your employee's performance, it is important to
have an automated reporting system where you can see progress. mElimu
Corporate solutions with integrated analytics tools can help you track your
learning patterns and understand your learning outcomes. The automated
reporting system will provide managers with timely reports on staff training

Automatic alerts and notifications

mElimu is a powerful tool for sending automated alerts without the need for
human intervention or the risk of human error. Receive automatic, real-time
notifications on progress, completion, certification, achievements,
comments, and user-generated content contributions across personalized
mobile devices.

Gamified Learning Experience

The main motivation for the mElimu is to maximize enjoyment and
engagement by incorporating students' interests and encouraging them to
continue learning. By using rewards such as certificates, badges, or points,
an organization can create a better, more involved learning experience in
the workplace.

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