Improvise Training with Non-profit LMS

Manage learning and training of employees at all levels with ease for non-profits using mElimu’s LMS

Ultimate Solution for Enhanced Training Management

Ultimate Solution for Enhanced Training Management

mElimu learning management system for non-profits offers a powerful solution to efficiently manage their training and development initiatives, catering to diverse stakeholders such as employees, volunteers, board members, donors, and individuals with special needs. While countering such diversification, mElimu LMS for Non-Profits, not only meets the training requirements but also empowers non-profits through specially designed role-based LMS training content for every stakeholder within the organization. Smart learning technology tools like gamification, AI-proctoring, online assessments, and pre-hiring assessment helps non-profits get the best people on board while minimizing resource requirements.


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A Diversified Learning and Training for non-profits



The combination of paid staff and volunteers use LMS.

  • Provide training on their mission, policies, and procedures to Volunteers.
  • Manage their staff training and development programs through LMS to track progress, provide feedback, and generate reports.


Board members/Trustees

Directors or trustees may use LMS.

  • For receiving training and resources to help understand their responsibilities.
  • To learn how to do decision-making and governance.
  • To stay updated on relevant laws and regulations.


Administrative & Support Staff

LMS may be used for various administrative functions.

  • Training of the employees in administrative & support staff.
  • Onboarding of new employees in administrative & support staff.
  • HR training & work handling with HRMS integration with LMS.


Donors & Supporters

LMS may be used in engaging and educating donors and supporters.

  • Inform them about their organization’s current mission.
  • Instruct them about the impact of their organization’s actions
  • Teach them the process of how donations are used.



Managing Internships and issuing certifications using LMS.

  • Provide educational content to the interns or students for educational programs.
  • Offer various internship opportunities to the students.
  • Issuing of certificates to the interns post internship completion.



Non-profit organizations may use LMS for workshops.

  • Instructors can deliver content for trainings or workshops to target audience in one place.
  • They can track learners’ performance and progress.

Accrediting Training to Learners & Higher Ups Alike with AI-powered LMS


Course Creation & Management

Allows administrators to create and manage courses for both staff and students.

  • Course Creation: Administrator can create courses within the LMS which includes adding course materials, creating quizzes, and assessments and fixing the course completion conditions.
  • User Management: Permits administrators to create and manage user accounts for assigning roles and permissions, grouping them, and also tracking their progress.
  • Assessment Creation: Instructors can use course templates for standardized assessment formats like MCQs, fill-in-the-blank questions, and short-answer questions that are customizable.

Cheating-proof Online Assessments

Utilize various LMS features for safe and secure online assessments of staff members, volunteers, interns, or students in Non-profits.

  • Management of Content: Enable the addition, choice, and modification of multiple question formats, including text, video, and image for specific exam types, as well as objective and subjective question types.
  • Manage exams: Create virtual assessments by defining learners’ start and end times, lengths, parts, grades, instructions, and access to dashboards and progress reports.
  • Programs for Certification: Customize exams with a white labelled, cloud-based platform that includes remote proctoring and certificate administration. Define questions, grading standards, and procedures.
  • Large Question Bank: To speed up the preparation of assessments, access thousands of pre-configured subject, role, and competency-based questions.
  • Analytics of data: Utilize pre-configured reports and sophisticated dashboards for progress monitoring, cluster analysis, and data-driven decision-making with insightful analytics.
LMS Game-Based Learning


It combines gaming aspects with learning activities to raise student engagement and develop learners’ critical thinking skills.

  • Quizzes: Learners are given quiz assignments to complete in order to assess their knowledge and receive points or incentives.
  • Simulations and Scenarios: A scenario-based learning approach where learners engage in enjoyable activities that simulate real-world events while receiving rewards.
  • Tracking Progress: Implement progress bars, levels, and badges to demonstrate to learners how far along they are in the learning process.
  • Leaderboards: Displaying the development of several learners will provide friendly rivalry while encouraging a sense of accomplishment.
  • Certification: Upon successful course completion, certificates with the university’s branding and logo are automatically created.

Pre-hiring Assessment

Hire new staff members or volunteers for your non-profit organization with the ease of streamlining the whole process using a learning management system for non-profit.

  • Recruitment initiatives: Conduct secure proctored online tests, competency-based interviews, and live screenings of staff members as part of the hiring process.
  • Remote Proctoring Solutions: For secure online exams, use authentication, SMART proctoring, recording, monitoring, and human-led live proctoring.
  • Online payment of fees: Facilitate online fee payments using effortlessly linked payment channels to ensure secure transactions.

AI Content Authoring Tool

AI-enabled content creation assistance.

  • Lecture notes: Structured and personalized course material.
  • Study aids: All PDFs, including assignments and other course materials, can be found at the open-source eLibrary.
  • Quizzes/Assignments: To be completed by learners in order to assess their knowledge and earn rewards.

Additional Features for Flexible Learning Experience

Train & Learn Anywhere, Anytime at any Device

Volunteers and staff at non-profit organizations frequently travel. They can continue learning even in places with poor network connectivity with the help of mElimu mobile app, providing unhindered knowledge acquisition.

Increase Fundraising Activities

The mElimu learning management system for non-profit enables online training for staff and volunteers, transcending time and location restrictions. The integrated fundraising aspect of this feature plays a crucial role in promoting public awareness of humanitarian concerns and collecting donations for them.

Reporting & Analytics

With the help of dynamic dashboard visualizations like graphs and charts, mElimu's Learning Management System effectively gathers and analyzes a variety of learning data. With the help of this feature, administrators and instructors can evaluate learner performance, track course completion rates, and keep an eye on user activity to make wise decisions.

Customized for Non-profits

mElimu's LMS provides demanding courses with a vast repository. This enables non-profits to deliver mentorship, project management, alumni programs, and initiatives for the development of role-based skills.

Third-party Integration

The leading CRMs, including Salesforce and Zoho, ERPs, HRMSs, SIS, and conference tools, are all effortlessly integrated with mElimu, a cloud-based nonprofit LMS. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees an integrated user experience, free of charge, from onboarding to field assistance.

Mitigate Distinct Learning and Training using Gamification Feature

student engagements with Game-Based Learning