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Impact-driven Intuitive Learning Experience
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Impact-driven Intuitive Learning Experience

mElimu is a SaaS-based Learning Management System designed to help learners, instructors, and institutions by facilitating the management, delivery, and tracking of educational content and resources. Our platform’s modernized SaaS-based features that foster collaboration across multiple devices to personalize the learning experience, extend accessibility, and keep learners engaged.


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A seamless Learning experience with Higher Engagement Levels



Academic coordinators, department heads, and registrars use the LMS

  • To manage course enrollments
  • Monitor overall system performance
  • Generate reports on student performance and engagement.

Instructors use the LMS


Instructors use the LMS

  • To create and manage course content such as Learning content, assignments, Quizzes, e-Library, and announcements
  • Interactive dashboard - sharing feedback on assignments, facilitating instructions, etc.

Students use LMS


Being the primary LMS Audience, Students use LMS to

  • Avail courses, assessments, quizzes, discussions and other resources
  • Submit assignments
  • Participate in online discussions
  • view their grades and performance tracking



LMS usage can be extended to alumni for professional development, networking, or access to certain resources

  • Helps in maintaining connections with former students for networking, mentoring, and fundraising opportunities.
  • Access to resources, workshops, and educational opportunities even after graduation for continued learning
  • Also extend career services and assistance to alumni

Empowering instructors with AI-powered LMS features


AI Content authoring tool

AI-powered assistance for content creation

  • Lecture notes: Customized and Structured Course content
  • Study guides: eLibrary is an open source for all PDFs including assignments and other course materials
  • Quizzes/Assignments: For Learners to complete, test their knowledge, and earn points or rewards

Interactive Contents (i-Learn)

Use of various interactive content formats that keeps employees engaged and actively involved while learning:

  • Videos and animations: For a clear understanding of complex concepts or demonstrate procedures
  • Presentations: we have inbuilt 50 presentation templates for creating interactive e-learning modules for learners
  • Branching scenarios: Present Learners with choices and consequences with a tree-like structure to simulate decision-making in real-world scenarios, and many more
i-Learn interactive - e-learning LMS

AI-Proctored Exam Portal

Enables Higher education institutions such as universities and educational associations to streamline, assign, and plan AI-proctored online exams for students and staff.

  • Smart Proctoring: An innovative feature of AI-Proctoring employ artificial intelligence to govern and secure the integrity of exams, assessments, and entrance tests in an online environment
  • Record and Review proctoring: ensures exam integrity by reporting every incidence

Secure and scalable

mElimu is a powerful and versatile Learning Management System,

  • Authentication: Accommodating the capability of thousands of students under a single umbrella across multiple locations and time zones
  • High Scalability: Imparts the ability to handle a large user base and high volumes of data.
  • Security: SAML and Auth 2.0 protocols are there to ensure data integrity

Sequential Learning Environment

Empower instructors to create structured Learning path setups

  • Streamlined content: Structured course content based on learner’s behavioral pattern
  • Learning path Setup: Well designed Sequence to give learners a direction through a Learning path in a logical and progressive manner

Game-Based Learning

It incorporates game-based elements into the learning processes to enhance the Learner’s engagement levels and critical thinking ability

  • Quiz challenges: For employees to test their knowledge and earn points or rewards
  • Scenarios and simulations: A scenario-based learning where learners encounter real scenarios in the form of fun activities
  • Progress tracking: Implement progress bars, levels, and badges to show Learners their advancement through the learning process.
  • Leaderboards: Introduce friendly competition by displaying the progress of different learners, fostering a sense of achievement.
  • Certificates: Certificates are auto-generated with the university’s logo and branding upon successful course completion
LMS Game-Based Learning

Complimentary Benefits to enhance the Seamless Learning Paths Setup

Third-Party Integrations

Facilitate third-party integrations ( Like CRM, payment gateways, simulation software, Video conferencing tools, content repositories, etc) to enhance the working capability of the LMS Platform and share the seamless learning experience with Learners.

Personalized Learning on the Go

mElimu’s inbuilt reporting helps you to customize and restructure the learning path of each student, staff, and faculty member after an in-depth analysis. Learners can access both instructor-led and self-paced courses at their convenience.

Offline Accessibility

In case of no Internet access under hybrid learning environment, Learners can access the platform while syncing the contents in their mobile and tablets and participate in activities offline.

Fully White-Labelled

A fully white-labeled LMS can be customized to match your institution's branding, enhancing the sense of ownership and alignment with your University's identity.

Monitoring & Evaluation

LMS can track Learner behavior by continuously monitoring their learning paths and behavior. Thereby, evaluating their performance rates and sharing feedback based on the analysis by the system. This also helps to set up customized learning paths for users as per their learning requirements.

Intensify student engagements with Game-Based Learning feature

student engagements with Game-Based Learning