LMS features

LMS Administration

Automated LMS Administration

Customise the LMS to meet your organisation’s learning needs, rules, and schedules. Smart assistance with AI technology helps quicken the learning delivery process by offering role-based learning paths, course suggestions, quick onboarding to courses and much more. LMS admin can automate processes to reduce manual errors and increase productivity.

Reporting and Analytics

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics dashboards offer actionable insights to help you make informed decision. It helps in enhancing the ROI of your learning programs, track learners’ progress and use the data effectively to improve their future learning experiences.

Learner Engagement

Matchless Learner Engagement

Keep your learners involved with an engaging learning platform. Learners can interact with their instructors, peers, and access the LMS content for that matter, to retain and expand their knowledge without getting bored. The LMS allows them to access learning programs using any digital device, including mobile devices, laptops, tablets and desktops.

eCommerce Module

eCommerce Module for Revenue Generation

Simplify buying and selling courses and merchandise with a fully integrated eCommerce platform. Learners can apply discount coupons, codes and get subscriptions, while purchasing courses or merchandise. Associations can earn non-dues revenue by using the eCommerce module to sell courses or merchandise.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Personsalised with Multi-tenant Architecture

Multi-tenant architecture is among the most sought-after LMS features that can meet a wide range of training and learning needs for organisations and educational institutions. The LMS can be customised specifically for different departments within institutions to offer a personalised learning experience to students and corporate learners. Personalised dashboards with logos, branding, and themes, allow learners to have a sense of belonging to the class or department.

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SCORM Compliance

SCORM Compliant Progress Tracking

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is an international technical standard for eLearning tools. It enables LMSs to read, understand, and interact with online courses. mElimu supports SCORM compliance to meet your needs across devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. You can build and outsource courses from scratch using any desired device.

Mobile-first Responsive Design

Mobile-first Responsive Design for Anytime Learning

mElimu comes with a fully-fledged interactive and responsive LMS design that offers a seamless learning experience to learners. They can learn on any device (mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet) at any time without much hassle. While the learners learn on their desired devices there is no loss of content quality as the platform perfectly aligns with the current device’s screen size.

AI-suggested Learning Paths

Lead with AI-suggested Learning Paths

AI technology is the norm for modern-day LMSs. mElimu spearheads the revolution with AI-suggested courses and learning paths for students and corporate learners. These courses are recommended to the learners right when they get onboarded to the LMS system, depending on their roles. This helps learners grow professionally in their careers.

Matchless User Experience

User-friendly LMS for Better Learning Experience

mElimu is a user-friendly LMS that offers learners the accessibility and intuitiveness to ensure learner retention. A custom branded, professionally designed, and accessible LMS platform ensures an enhanced learning experience. The intuitive interface with responsive design provides a fulfilling experience to learners.

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Enable Online Learning with Fun

Our gamified platform enables learning with fun. Students and corporate learners can learn using this gamified platform while earning rewards in the form of badges, leaderboards, certifications, course credits, etc. The interactive learning platform engages learners and offers them a better learning experience.

Seamless Integrations

Third-party and Salesforce Integration

mElimu LMS has integration capabilities with a wide range of third-party applications. It has out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce. This ensures centralised LMS access using Single Sign-On (SSO). CRMs, ERPs, HRMS, SIS, and plenty of other software applications can easily get integrated with mElimu LMS. The data gets two-way synchronised between the LMS and any connected application. It reduces the risk of data duplicity.

Multiple Language Support

Multi-lingual LMS for Seamless Learning

Support for multiple languages and content formats is one of the most sought-after features of a competent LMS. mElimu comes with dedicated content authoring tools for creating and sharing courses in multiple languages. It truly makes learning a seamless experience without any language barrier. Learners can learn and interact with their peers and instructors using the LMS effortlessly in their own language.

Blended Learning

All-Rounder Blended Learning LMS

Whether you cater to K12 institutions, universities, or corporates blended learning offers better learning opportunities that meet your learners’ specific needs. Blended learning brings eLearning and classroom learning together in a flexible way using an LMS. It allows teachers and learners to make use of the latest in learning technology by accessing the high-quality course material, assignments, and course

Competency Management

Competency Management at its Best

mElimu LMS manages performance by improving processes, productivity, and increasing student and employee retention. Competency-based learning, appraisals, reviews, performance reviews and personsalised skill development plans are created to support performance enhancement. Offering training, managing learners, and improving their productivity is challenging. mElimu delivers the right solutions to the right people and resolves the challenges.

Course Library

An Enriched Course Library

mElimu comes with a rich course library and showcases the courses through a course catalogue within the LMS. A wide range of online courses across industries is available with us to help your students and corporate learners. These courses help the training and learning processes of educational institutions and corporates. They have SCORM/AICC/xAPI-compliant content authoring standards, which ensure that the courses are reusable, shareable and trackable.
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