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We are mElimu, an EdTech enterprise focused on revolutionizing the mobile-first learning technology by strengthening anytime, anywhere, and on any device learning across industry verticals. mElimu stands for Mobile Education in kiSwahili. We are offering comprehensive eLearning solutions to an array of industries, such as educational institutions, higher education, corporates, manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, and more.

Our Value

Pramil Verma

Chief Operating Officer

As a COO, Business Strategy from IIM & with Masters in Computers, he focused more into Design, plan and implement business strategies, plans and procedures. Setting up comprehensive goals for business growth and success. Establishing policies and procedures that promote company culture and vision.
He is also responsible for formulating and administering customer benefitted policies and coordinating with management to evaluate employees, company performance and efficiencies. Also in maintaining and directs the daily operations of the business, including coordinating with human resources, legal, sales, marketing, accounting, IT and other departments.
He always promote bringing the next-gen technology at the right time in the market. His expertise includes, but not limited to, LMS, AI, IoT & Wear Tech, Mobility, Machine Learning, BI, Media Streaming, Enterprise apps, Augment Reality and many more.
He has significant experience in geographical area of Africa, Asia, Middle East & US.


Our purpose is to deliver the best online learning solutions to our customers to help them reap the best out of their eLearning with an interactive, engaging, and motivating learning experience to customers.


Our mission is to enable our customers to explore the range as it suits their needs at affordable prices. With clients in over 20 countries, we have our offices in Noida, Kenya, and Washington, DC.


mElimu has the vision to reach a global audience in eLearning and other online learning spaces while making learning a truly mobile experience offering scalable, integrated, and cost-effective LMS.