Streamline Online Registration & Admission Management

A single, integrated system that delivers training programs and content across multiple channels and devices.

About Online Registration & Admission:

Help your Team Quicken Admissions and Registrations with Increased Operational Efficiency

mElimu captures, analyzes, and responds to prospective student inquiries for admission. It fastens the admissions and registrations.

Ease Staff Workload

Reduce staff workload by sending course enrollment offers to multiple students at a time. 


Automated Application Approval and Rejection

Automate student evaluation and approve or reject applications, or assign them to staff.

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The Key Solution for
Successful Student Admission Teams

Successful student admission teams need that extra leverage in an LMS to streamline the
registration, application, and admission process. mElimu enables them the right blend
of features and offerings to ensure a better experience.

Omni-channel Experience to Nurture and Engage Applicants

Allow prospective students to have a personalized experience for easy and quick application form filling, and student turn-around.

Seamless Application Processing

Monitor admissions, registrations, and fee payments, and keep track of all data points to analyze trends for revenue and application. Customized dashboards help process applications.

Post-application Process Management

Enable prospective students to have group discussions, exams, personal interviews right after the application process. Track attendance, short-list candidates, generate merit, and enable fee payments.

Application Reports and Analytics

Admissions can be evaluated for performance, trends, identifying roadblocks, or viewing
student quality index. Automate online application forms with easy search and retrieval
of real-time data.

Better Student Support

Resolve students’ queries in real-time and use categorization with dynamic allocation to offer them the much needed support throughout the application, registration, and admission process.

Streamline Processes with
Student Application Management Tools

Streamline your candidates’ journey from inquiry to enrollment using mElimu. This online
admission management software enables the customization at various stages
of the admission process workflow to meet diverse requirements.

Student Profiling

Applications are captured from various sources and university websites. Maintain complete details about the students, their faculty and adviser, funding methods, scholarships and grants.

Fund Management

The student management feature manages and maintains students’ funding records. Different funding methods, such as sponsorships, self-funding, and scholarships can be included.

Online Registration

Student (new, continuing, transferred, credit and non-credit students) registration, and online and physical learning centre information is collected and automatically captured by the LMS.

Make Fee Payments Easy

Share easy-to-use admission forms online with the applicants. The eCommerce module with integrated payment gateways helps with fee payments (application, exam, token, hostel admission, etc.) in a single click.

Insights From Robust Reports

You can generate robust reports and visualize them on dashboards. Get meaningful insights into the student application data (seat allocation, programs, waitlist) to make informed decisions.

Candidate Dashboard-Driven Actions

Offer your candidates a one-stop shop for all their application and registration needs. From forms to slot booking, fees, document uploading, everything is available with a single click.

Student Behavior Management

AI-powered proctoring solution prevents malpractice in entrance exams and other learning assessment exercises. Incident management and reporting tools, and student activity tracker helps reform student behaviour.

Alumni Network Management

Alumni activities can be tracked and managed to offer real-time updates on important events, acquire supporters, and raise funds for your institution. The Alumni directory keeps alumni connected and network easily.

Responsive Design For Admission

The centralized dashboard helps candidates with their query management and FAQs. Allow your team to communicate and quicken the admission process by working from anywhere.