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Visit to Kenya Organized by ICT Board

Nairobi, Kenya, April 20, 2012

Founders of the company, mElimu, visited Kenya on April 20, 2012 to know of the ICT opportunities in the country. The visit was organized by the ICT board. The purpose of the four-day visit was to explore Kenya’s ICT investment potential. Rajeev Gupta, Damnish Kumar and Tushar Vohra were the officials that were a part of this exploration tour.

“Kenya is a growing economy and we were impressed by the focus on Vision 2030. To achieve the Vision’s goals, there is need for a large talent pool that cannot be taken care of in the traditional classroom method. There will be need to integrate technology to improve quality and help in the teacher, student ratio”, said Rajeev Gupta, CEO of mElimu. He also stated “We are very impressed by what the country has to offer. We will definitely be back within the year with a more concrete plan”.

mElimu is a company that has vision to infuse technology into the educational sector. It strives to bring in ways to fight the challenges faced by the educational sector in Kenya through means of technology. The main focus of the company is to bring access and affordability of education to the under-privileged section of the society.

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