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mElimu sponsors third annual e-Learning innovations conference

5th October, 2015, Noida: mElimu extended its sponsorship to the widely known e-Learning innovations conference held in Nairobi (September 28 – Oct. 2, 2015). An eLearning software solution, mElimu is a medium to enhance the accessibility and affordability of education in all distances.

The theme of the third annual e-Learning innovations conference was ‘Changing Lives through eLearning/Mobile Education’. The conference is the only one taking place in the region. It concentrates on the professional development, growth, and networking of educators at various levels with key interest on enhancing the practice of mobile education/eLearning. This event involves ICT innovators, educators, scholars and practitioners who get updates and insights on collaboration space, trends, and practical tools. This paves a big room for sharing the best practices on eLearning.

The conference was hosted in partnership with the Talents Coaching and Consulting Kenya (TALENTS) and Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. It was a path breaking event where a host of product developers, individuals, institutions, and service providers could participate. mElimu participated as a sponsor and was able to get connected with industry leading professionals and talk about its ‘Digital University-in-a-Box Platform’.

Rajeev Gupta, CEO, mElimu shared, “We feel glad that we were at the 3rd International eLearning Innovations Conference which was an awesome electronic learning event. It was an opportunity to get connected and share our thoughts on education tools, technologies, strategies, and solutions that advance the education development. We spoke about our product and the advantages that it has to curb the excessive cost of education and the accessibility barricades.”

The conference was packed with people from different walks like organizational development consultants, NGO leaders, eLearning specialists, IT practitioners etc. Some of the activities in the event were presentations, showcases, panel presentations, debates on ideas, developing learning community and networking. mElimu was widely appreciated among the huge crowd of intellectuals, academicians, business seeking people and others. Rajeev threw light on mobile based education and how it can escalate the life of both teachers and students. It was an opportunity to develop the network and check out the endeavors in the emerging market like Africa.

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About mElimu: It is a social enterprise offering a cost-effective ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’. mElimu’s interactive and adaptive learning management solution (tablets, platform, and content) works within the current limitations of resources, e.g. penetration of computers, electricity, and Internet; and it effectively circumvents the challenges to educational access. Due to these resource dependencies, the existing e-learning technologies have not successfully been adopted by the masses. Other platform and services include learner relationship management (LRM), admission monitoring and tracking, and content authoring tools.

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