mElimu is participating in the USAID Global Education Summit 2015

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mElimu is participating in the USAID Global Education Summit 2015

2nd November, 2015, Noida – We are delighted to announce that mElimu is participating 2015 USAID Global Education Summit from 2nd to 4th November, 2015. A Digital University-in-a-Box platform, mElimu curbs the issues related to electricity and other costs and provides personalized learning environment to the students.

CEO of mElimu shared, “This event happens to be insightful in many areas and mElimu is always up for them. This year, there are several crucial topics taken up for the conference like quality of education, sustainability, development etc. Looking at the different sessions, we are finding out where our product can best fit in and how we can explore this opportunity. We have spoken to some delegates and planning to spread a little more. In next two days, I am hoping to network more and share our ideas on the restrictions that our hampering education access and how technology can build the bridge.”

The event is being attended by the who’s who such as Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt (Acting Administrator, United States Agency for International Development), Aaron Benavot (Director, Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO), His Excellency Maker Famba Mwangu, Minister of Education, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Her Excellency Khadar Bashir Ali – Minister of Education, Federal Republic of Somalia and many more.

Some of the sessions taken during the conference include:

  • Quality Education as a Pathway out of Poverty
  • Fundamentals in Increasing Equitable Access to Education in Crisis and Conflict
  • Higher Education and Training: What Have We Learned, Where Do We Want to Go
  • Feed and Read: Improving Access to School Meals and Quality Education Around the World
  • All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development – Partnering for Impact and Scale
  • Introduction to the Education in Crisis and Conflict Network
  • New Models for Education and Training

The conference aims to throw light on vital aspects that effect education, access of education, sustainability, operations, analysis, data and much more. mElimu targets at spreading information how this software solution can enhance the affordability and accessibility of education.

If you want to keep a track on the latest happenings, go on with the Twitter trend #USAID.

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About mElimu: It is a social enterprise offering a cost-effective ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’. mElimu’s interactive and adaptive learning management solution (tablets, platform, and content) works within the current limitations of resources, e.g. penetration of computers, electricity, and Internet; and it effectively circumvents the challenges to educational access. Due to these resource dependencies, the existing e-learning technologies have not successfully been adopted by the masses. Other platform and services include learner relationship management (LRM), admission monitoring and tracking, and content authoring tools.

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