YALI is utilizing mElimu’s Digital University-in-a-Box platform for online learning

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YALI is utilizing mElimu’s Digital University-in-a-Box platform for online learning

25th May, 2015, NoidamElimu has taken an entire initiative of providing technological assistance to YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative Network) in Yali East Africa. A Digital University-in-a-Box software solution, mElimu aims to grow education by making it accessible, personalized and smarter.

Rajeev Gupta, CEO, mElimu, says, “Nothing could have been nobler than getting associated with YALI, an initiative that young African men and women required. With an experienced team of ours, we have begun on a long term association wherein we are providing a fully integrated end-to-end learning platform.”

YALI, Young African Leaders Initiative Network is an opportunity by which the young students shall learn leadership programs free of cost. The objective is to make them leaders through tools, technology and training.

mElimu is providing the next generation digital learning platform. Learner Relationship Management platform allows applicants to build relationships early on with the program facilitators, mentors, and peers. LMS and alumni portals enables networking beyond boundaries among participants from many countries.

Damnish Kumar, CTO, mElimu shares, “We have found this as a big opportunity to not only help the younger generation in uplifting their quality of education but also help the African education system to take education to a different level. Technology remains to be the tool to do so. It is just the initiation, we are looking forward to more processes to be integrated so that we can raise the bar of education in Africa and make it a global leader one day.”

You may learn more about our turn-key learning management solution on our website http://www.melimu.com/

About mElimu – It is a social enterprise offering a cost-effective Digital University-in-a-Box solution. mElimu’s interactive and adaptive learning management solution (tablets, platform, and content) works within the current limitations of resources, e.g. penetration of computers, electricity, and Internet; and it effectively circumvents the challenges to educational access. Due to these resource dependencies, the existing e-learning technologies have not successfully been adopted by the masses. Other platform and services include learner relationship management (LRM), admission monitoring and tracking, and content authoring tools.

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