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The Vision for Change

In the coming years, Kenya is expected to become the ICT hub of Africa. The Kenyan government is taking keen interest to develop the country on the lines of modernity and technological innovation and the 2017 Master Plan is the embodiment of that. As per the plan, the government has taken initiative to connect every Kenyan with communication and technology. It also aims on building a society on the crux of knowledge and extend all public services to the citizens via the web. The belief is further affirmed by the fact that the Kenyan Government is pumping resources and money in the Konza Techno City, a massive BPO project that is being described as the African Silicon Savannah, which has the promise to make Kenya the nation of the future.

At a time when rest of the world is enjoying the big bang of the dotcombubble in their daily lives, several African nations are devoid of this experience. The leaders of these nations are slowly embracing the fact that there is a need to promote information and communication sector in the country. Growth of ICT centers in other developing nations in the world such as China and India has allowed government of the respective countries to extend public policies to its people. It has also fostered the growth of private sector and foreign investment. In today’s time and age Technology is a very powerful tool that it brings in equality in terms of extending public services to the citizens of a nation. It also lifts a number of infrastructural burdens and makes information access affordable, quick and easy.

However, striking the investment cum administrative chord is not the sole purpose of the plan. The plan also aims at enhancing productivity of the general population of Kenya so that they can compete globally. Therefore, the reliance on Information and Communication technology to improve education and training is also high on the agenda. Any attempt to improve educational and training level will certainly increase the bar of performance which will result in better jobs and opportunities.

Improvement in ICT infrastructure will also promote the setting up of ICT businesses and also transform Kenya into the next outsourcing destination of the world. It will also improve other industries namely tourism, agriculture, health and retail. But above all it will transform the society, wherein varied discourses in the likes of gender equality, sanitization, urbanization and environment shall be addressed to the masses.

Amidst this vision, mElimu as a revolutionary educational product has a lot in store. One of the greatest novelty of mElimu is that aims at providing affordable education to the massive young population of Kenya and rest of Africa. It is built keeping in mind the ICT boom that Kenya is expected to experience in the following years. It perfectly befits the socio-economic development pillar of Kenya and will lead it into “Vision 2030”.

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