Ugandan Minister of Higher Education visits KU and CUEA

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Ugandan Minister of Higher Education visits KU and CUEA

Kenya, November 2014

Hon. John Chrysestom Muyingo, Minister of Higher Education, Uganda, visited Kenyatta University and Catholic University of Eastern Africa to assess the opportunities of a platform like mElimu in higher education in Ugandan institutions. He stated that mElimu is an innovation in the field of higher education in Kenya and would love to take this to Ugandan higher education. He inquired about the functionalities of the mobile devices in use and also checked how effective the delivery of education has become after the introduction of the platform in the two universities.

mElimu platform and devices have helped the universities in delivering quality education to those who are unable to take up on-campus courses after secondary education. The study-anywhere platform enables students to learn any time, even without the need of an internet connection for various tasks.

The company’s COO, Tushar Vohra said, “We aim at bringing a revolutionary platform in the field of higher education across Kenya, Uganda and other African countries. Using this platform we want to make higher education available and easily accessible to all those who aspire to take up higher education courses, without having to leave their jobs or other commitments.”

mElimu with the successful implementation of the platform in two universities in Kenya, moves towards more educational institutions in Kenya and other Eastern African countries.

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