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Successful Blackboard Migration

Nov 11th, 2018 witnessed all these feelings in an abundance of successful data migration from Blackboard 9.1 to mElimu 3.2 (Moodle like architecture).

Our excellence in the education sector has been widely appreciated and accepted and probably that’s the reason why Higher Education in Africa is appreciating our services with long term association commitment. Taking that into account, it was on 11th October 2018, Thursday, at an Educational Event in Africa happened to meet the highly recognised CIO of one of the TVET. He was keen to discover our expertise in Blackboard LMS data migration. We got the golden opportunity to show our capabilities and worth and that was the first start point to what relations we have with this person today. Interested to know about One Year Success Story from challenging data migration journey to fully adaptive Offline Mobile LMS? Here’s a piece of interesting details.

Our General Manager Mr. Pramil Verma with his team went to Africa to participate in the event named: Educational Event in Africa. During the event, he met one of the prestigious people of Africa. Mr. Verma demonstrated our LMS to client and they were pretty much interested in our product. A couple of days later, on 3rd November 2018, Mr. Verma was invited by a TVET CIO to visit Africa to give him a full-fledged demo of our services.

Day 1: November 10th, 2018, Again Mr. Verma was in Africa with his team to meet the client, once he reached the client location he saw couple of other companies who were also present there. One after another every company was giving presentation of their services and expertise. The client shortlisted few companies for the next round where they kept a SURPRISE ACTIVITY for the shortlisted organizations


Day 2: November 11th, 2018 it was time to reveal the SURPRISE ACTIVITY which was Data Migration from BB 9.1 to mElimu 3.2. The challenge was not only surprise migration but it was also to accomplish it within the same day, and as nobody was prepared for it, everybody took it by surprise and confused about what had to be done next. Within few minutes everyone realized the reality and started working on data migration. We had 8 hours to finish the task but to our surprise, the complex task made the given hours to go in jiffy, just like a snap of a finger, and boom 8 HOURS ARE GONE. We shared some glances with the fellow participants who looked as clueless as everybody else. We saw participants one by one shaking their head for task incomplete. We stood up and started nodding and it was a prestigious moment that we captured and also became the part of this historical moment. We were the only ones who successfully did the full migration including course, topics, contents, attachments, and activities.

We came out with commitment from them for signing the contract for the next 3 years. Migration Blackboard 9.1 to mElimu 3.2 in a matter of few hours wasn’t as easy as it might sound but yes we did it and converted into a DEAL.

The excitement of seeing the opponents left awestruck is something you die for and that’s exactly what we witnessed when we completed the task no less than a pro.

We had a lot of questions because we got into the migration business in Africa. The pressure of the opponents, the zeal of doing it right and most importantly being the best was a constant thought throughout. Will this go as planned? Are we prepared enough? Is it a chance to prove our expertise?

By the end of the final day, we not only proved our expertise but also earned the title of being the best.

The bottom line is that we have moved now easily to our Managed LMS platform that’s Offline Mobile based with better User Experience and upgraded features.

Note: If you are facing a similar challenge in migration, or you want to switch Migration from your legacy LMS. We will be there to work wonders.

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