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mElimu’s Pilot Testing at NI3C

Nairobi, September 2012

mElimu tablets were tested in two schools, St. Michael’s Primary School and Moi Avenue Primary School. These schools were visited by mElimu representatives along with the NI3C team members. The tablets were tested for mathematics and science subjects for class 8. The piloting of the tablets was made a part of the time table. Some activities in the testing phase at the schools included playing instructional videos, reading text material, sample tests and quizzes, and use of other functions of the tablet for a better learning.

The tablet solution provides proactive and personalized learning that consists of learning offline, watching instructional videos, keeping a track of one’s progress, interacting with the teacher, take quizzes and submit assignments.

Tushar Vohra, COO of mElimu said, “mElimu is in the testing phase and we hope it proves as effective as we wanted it to be. In our visit to the schools, some students asked us to stay for more time, so they could learn more. Observations have shown that the tablets have helped students in better concentration and grasping of the topics.”

mElimu team is eager to see the findings of the pilot testing at these schools, so that they can move towards providing solutions to educational institutions in Kenya and Africa.

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