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mElimu Trains Teachers at NI3C

Nairobi, August 2012

Before the mElimu tablets could go in for the pilot testing phase in the schools, teachers from both the schools were given a two day-training on how to use the tablets and how to engage students in the learning process. The training was conducted at NI3C. These teachers were the ones who were to introduce students to the tablets and this innovative way of learning in the two schools. The teachers found this ICT-enabled solution very helpful for themselves in the teaching process, as well as for the students in the learning process. They also suggested various use of the platform and the devices in engaging the students during the training period.

mElimu’s innovative platform and the use of mobile devices in the field of education can improve the learning experience of the students as well as increase their creativity. mElimu’s platform can be used anytime, anywhere, at the convenience of the student for a personalized learning.

The CEO of mElimu, Rajeev Gupta said that the objective of bringing such a platform was to benefit students, teachers and educational institutions equally. He added “Use of mobile devices have a number of features that provide opportunities of development to both teachers and students.”

The mElimu team wishes to provide this innovative solution to as many educational institutions as possible in an attempt to improve the quality and delivery of education.

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