mElimu took part in COREVIP to display its ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’

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mElimu took part in COREVIP to display its ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’

8th June, 2015, Noida – mELimu participated in the Conference of Rectors, Vice-Chancellors and Presidents of African Universities (COREVIP) in Kigali, Rwanda held from June 2nd to 5th, 2015. Organized by Association of African Universities (AAU), it was an opportunity to explore various education development related concerns in Africa.

The conference invited people from various institutions and held healthy debates on the theme “Internationalization of Higher Education in Africa”. The event involved presentations, sessions, and discussions on important concerns for the development of higher education in the continent. This was an opportunity for mElimu to get the right exposure and speak to chief executive officers of Association member institutions and other education leaders.

Tushar Vohra, COO, mElimu, says, “Our ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’ pitches on the challenges of accessibility, and affordability of education across the continent. This way, the next generation digital learning platform widely concentrates promotes the mobility and quality level of both students and teachers.”

mElimu, an End-to-End and scalable Learning Management Solution assists in accelerating Distance Learning and e-Learning. The platform helps the institutions and management to create a technology driven process of education and augment the knowledge mobilization. mElimu cuts down the limitations of Internet and electricity, thus, making it a tool for high quality and reasonable education system.

Damnish Kumar, CTO, mElimu shares, “Our turnkey management solution goes in line with the COREVIP theme where we are working to tackle the issues like insufficient education mobility, non -uniformity of education distribution, and lacking technology driven skill development. mElimu addresses to these challenges and consistently works in raising the bar of higher education in Africa.”

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About mElimu – It is a social enterprise offering a cost-effective ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’. mElimu’s interactive and adaptive learning management solution (tablets, platform, and content) works within the current limitations of resources, e.g. penetration of computers, electricity, and Internet; and it effectively circumvents the challenges to educational access. Due to these resource dependencies, the existing e-learning technologies have not successfully been adopted by the masses. Other platform and services include learner relationship management (LRM), admission monitoring and tracking, and content authoring tools.

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