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mElimu at e-Learning Africa Conference at Kampala

Uganda, August 2014

E-learning Africa Conference is a networking event for ICT-based education in Africa. The conference was conducted in Uganda this year, like it is conducted in different African countries for the past 8 years. It calls universities to present papers, conduct workshops and exhibition in an attempt to promote multinational contacts and partnership to enhance knowledge, expertise and abilities. The 3-day conference helps universities explore ways to implement ICT into their education delivery methods.

mElimu presented their platform and services to the delegates who attended the seminar on e-learning organized by the US Embassy. The services offered by mElimu were appreciated by the delegates, and they showed interest in how mElimu can work out for many institutions that are looking to implement ICT-enhanced education in Africa.

Damnish Kumar, CTO of mElimu, stated that mElimu aspires to provide its futuristic solutions to as many institutions in all African countries so that students, teachers and universities can benefit from it. He said, “mElimu aims at providing quality higher education to students, that has the same worth as an on-campus program, at the same time reducing institution’s operational cost in making this available”.

The company envisages reaching out to all higher educational institutions in Africa who wish to provide ICT-enhanced education to their students.

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