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Makerere University engages mElimu to provide digital learning

16th December, 2015, Noida: mElimu received an opportunity from Makerere University to provide digital learning to its students registering under the center of external studies. mElimu is a ‘Digital University- in-a-Box Platform’ available on laptops, and tablets.

Rajeev Gupta, CEO, mElimu, shared, “We appreciate the decision of the university to adopt digital learning. It is a step towards overall learning and development of students. mElimu is a software solution loaded with present day features to ease assignments, quizzes, tests and other activities. Students will be largely in a position to make their work efficient and quick. This is the benefit of technology integration in education. With tablet based solution, learning becomes effective and interesting. We want people to get empowered with education.

Makerere University is highly known for education and the way it is imparted. The institution has courses available for subjects like health sciences, natural sciences, business and management studies, agricultural and environmental sciences etc. Their initiative of applying to eLearning is one way to progression and development. With mElimu, it is going to be easier for the students, staff and management to enhance their skills. The tablet solution offers personalized environment to a students and helps him access it anywhere and anytime. In addition, mElimu supports offline learning and stand by for three days. This shall help in curbing the cost related issues and even efficiency barricades. A well planned training shall be given to use the solution for learning.

Professor George Mondo Kagonyera, university chancellor, Makerere, said, “We feel delighted to bring in mElimu to our education system and bring a transformation in it. Our students will be more empowered hereafter we believe and pace up with the technology developments as well.”

Tushar Vohra, COO, mElimu, added, “Technology integration shall help in enhancing the quality of learning and thereby give more room of improvement to developing market like Africa. We are looking forward to add structural development to the education scenario in Africa. With Makerere, we know Want to know more about the solution mElimu? Why don’t you visit the website and explore more.

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About mElimu: It is a social enterprise offering a cost-effective ‘Digital University-in-a-Box software solution’. mElimu’s interactive and adaptive learning management solution (tablets, platform, and content) works within the current limitations of resources, e.g. penetration of computers, electricity, and Internet; and it effectively circumvents the challenges to educational access. Due to these resource dependencies, the existing e-learning technologies have not successfully been adopted by the masses. Other platform and services include learner relationship management (LRM), admission monitoring and tracking, and content authoring tools.

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