A Robust LMS Exclusively Designed for the Philippines!

Online learning with multiple-language support
for your students, employees and members


Revolutionizing the Way

Online Learning is Perceived

Personalize Learning

Create a personalized learning experience for every learner with mElimu's online LMS.

Easy Integration

Our suite of online learning tools is compatible with popular applications, like CRMs (Salesforce), ERPs.

Process Automation

We reduce the burden on admins and teachers by automating a number of processes.

Our Awards

Best Learning System
Educator's Choice Award
Best Promising LMS
Best Online Exam Plaform

mElimu - Make Learning Limitless

Our wide range of learning tools ensures a better learning experience. We bring cost-effective, engaging and interactive learning programs specially designed for our Filipino customers.

An All-in-One Suit for All

Your eLearning Needs

Engage your Learners

Deliver interactive and engaging learning with mElimu. The personalized and gamified SaaS-based LMS offers an immersive learning experience.

Mobile-first Learning

mElimu is a mobile-first, responsive, and interactive eLearning LMS platform. Learners can even learn offline using the mobile app to continue learning from anywhere.

Content Authoring Tool

Our LMS supports the latest versions of SCORM, xAPI, or AICC standards for delivering interactive online learning content.

Third-party Integration

ERPs, CRMs, AMSs, SIS, HRMS, and a wide range of applications can be integrated with mElimu LMS for smooth online learning delivery.


Create your brand presence with white-labeled LMS and branded mobile apps. This helps in learner retention and allows you to resell the LMS to partners and affiliates with your own branding.


Let users have fun when they learn. Award them points, badges and certificates after the successful completion of a course or module.

Our LMS offers the Best in Online Learning

mElimu is a complete and robust package of online learning tools. From learning delivery to reporting and analytics, online assessment, and certification exams - everything is available under one roof.

Intuitive user interface

A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform that users with less technical knowledge can manage easily.

Tin Can/xAPI

Our online LMS platform uses xAPI so that content and learning platforms can talk to each other for a better learning experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Capabilities

SSO enables users to log into an LMS with the same authentication they already use to access other systems within their company.


Deliver bite-sized courses that are easy and quick to learn. Microlearning is as simple as running a Google search.

Course management

Create and manage courses, categorize them, enroll users, and pull the reports quickly with ease. Free your admins from tasks that can be automated.

Learning suite scalability

We will assist you in expanding your business and give you the choice to enable new integrations, services, and extensions that support your expanding learning endeavours.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Personalize the learning experience for each learner by offering them relevant courses based on their roles.

Advance Reporting

mElimu LMS has advanced reporting capabilities that help you track and measure the impact of your learning programs on your business.

Calendar configurability

You can access a personal calendar that can sync with your LMS and get a list of all of your upcoming appointments.

Explore the all-in-one eLearning platform of Philippines