Webinar : Tired of Moodle issues, are there affordable LMS options ?

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Webinar : Tired of Moodle issues, are there affordable LMS options ?

LMS Challenges that one should consider before moving on to the fourth place.

What do you need LMS for? How will your online training be approached? Take a closer look at the best motivation for your purchase.

In addition to the average cost, including costs for the vendor, license fee, and additional fees for further development/renewal, maintenance, and deductions. All this can add to and exceed the budget.

In many cases, using an LMS is a team effort. A failed team there will lead to unexpected and costly discounts.

Make sure your existing online resources are compatible with the LMS platform. Even if your LMS tool is right for your business today, consider whether it will be successful or useful a year from now. Wondering if he will raise the necessary funds? Another factor that is overlooked is scalability. For example, you can only have 10 students currently participating. But if you increase LMS costs per user in the future, will you be able to contribute to the costs?

mElimu Affordable Options

mElimu allows users to train anywhere, anytime using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Content can be downloaded and accessed offline, and the learning management system automatically syncs and tracks progress in the next connection period.

Educational institutions can reduce the costs of hiring tutors and paying tuition, training facilities, and courses with our LMS.

Having a customized solution is a good way to increase students’ overall performance. The customization option will make your learning project more attractive to students.

Do you need your company logo in LMS? This is the only way to go. Other options may include gamification, online training certificates, multiple languages, Admission/registration, role assignments, dashboards, and more.

We offer LMS to store your training documents, evaluation sheets, etc. in one place. This reduces the risk of losing important data and makes it easier to design your course. Perfectly integrates our LMS for online collaboration.

Assessment and testing tools are other excellent features for LMS. This type of installation is important for your learning and development team, as it helps many students learn. Using such tools, students will know that they can retain information after their instruction. In other words, it helps you evaluate the success of your training program.

Simple and detailed reports allow universities/colleges and schools to track the progress of their students. There is also an option for external administrators to have remote access to LMS reports.

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