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Importance of digitization in education

Digital learning is playing crucial role in the field of education. Digital Learning is replacing traditional education method with each passing day.
With changing time classroom are converted into digital tools and technology for education. Most popularly social network and communications are used to create digital assignments. Because it empower students to gain more interest in education in the form of digital learning and expanding their horizons.

Here, Following are some digital learning methods from traditional learning

a) Learning tools have engage both educator & parents digitally to a deeper extent.Digital Learning Tool and technologies like social Learning platform make it easier for teacher to create & manage group. Because it allows teacher to address individual and group needs. This customized learning had made education more productive by closing gaps between learning and accelerating progress. mElimu provides planning tool for Teachers, making their task easier. With the Advance use of digitalization tool & technology teachers can connect to the global teachers communities where theycan share tips, ask questions to enhance their learning so they can provide complete knowledge to their students.
mElimu even offers digitalized teaching tools including curriculum-integrated and enrichment digital content, Gamification, students can have the interaction with teachers on chat column, pdf & attachments for the reference of students while learning with the objective of enrich and enhance the Learning experience. Apart from Teachers, mElimu gives numerous benefit of digital learning to parents because of the busy schedule of parents it would be difficult for them to track their student activity but through mElimu digital learning platform parents can discussion with teacher about their student progress, gets immediate update for grades, track the daily activities of students. A Digital Learning platform helps teachers involve every parent, regardless of career demands, travel and other complicating

b) Digital Learning makes Students smarter or Knowledgeable. Digital Learning tools and technology enable students to develop self-directed learning skills. They are able to identify what they need to learn. When student learn with utmost interest of their own selected content they Remember it for longer period. Digital Learning tool & technology sharp critical thinking skills. Children who solve open-ended questions with imagination and logic learn how to make decision. mElimu provide Gamification feature to students for the interactive learning because they learn to work in a team & build trust each other to win a game or attain their goal. It also promote efficiency, productivity and teamwork which is very essential skill to learn. In digital Learning it required students to complete the activity in a stipulated timeframe which educate discipline. Even children who feel Frustrated with learning system they can shift to games longer because playing itself is learning new things and developing patience and hard work. By using digitized learning tools children develop positive feeling of accomplishment from mastering new skills which develop a confidence to learn more and more new things. mElimu provides number of customized course by the best teachers which is available for everyone which can be access with or without Internet.

C) Digital Learning Tools and Technologies are promptly Increasing Information Sharing.. In Digital learning student can access more and more information and gets the customizable content/information as per the personal needs. Through Digitalization it provides an opportunity to help every student to learn at their own best pace and path for them. Digital learning tools and technology enable teachers to share information with other teachers rapidly in real-time. With the help of digital learning devices, classrooms around the globe cannot only coordinate with each other to share information but also enrich & enhance learning, experience and communication skills.

d) Increasing Student’s productivity with Digital Learning Tools and Technology. To decide a career at a young age has become one of the most crucial responsibilities of school education. If young people are unable to find a job, then they should have the ability to create their own and even generate jobs for others. For this newer method of education should be implemented into a school. Digital learning will not only help the students to find suitable job but also to adapt build self-learning confidence, Problem-solving attitude, familiarity with new technologies in the market.

e) Digital Learning gives personalized Education. The major benefit of Digital learning is personalized learning mElimu helps schools and Universities to modernize their teaching by customizing the learning pace and teaching method according to student’s need, choice, and interest. mElimu allows in their system to the university & schools to create a customized content as per the requirements Personalized learning help the students to remember the concept for the longer period of time span. Thus it increase the productivity and efficiency of students.

f) Digital Learning Is Making Students Self-Motivated and Accountable. Digital learning tools and technology make students learn every time through teamwork, Problem- solving activity, reverse teaching, Gamification and concept maps which makes student more interested in growing their knowledge in mElimu.
Although digital Learning is more interested and memorable than textbooks or one-sided lectures, as they provide customized learning, better context and more engaging activities. When students gets an opportunity to learn content of their interest at their own pace and it starts to build a confidence and improve motivation within the student also they can track their own progress which leads the accountability.

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