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How CRM will upgrade the student enrolment experience?

If we recall the admission process before implementation of CRM in higher education institutions what clicks in our mind is long queues, loads of paperwork and chaos at enquiry window. A prospective student looks for courses of his or her interests, spends time in downloading or printing the prospectus for each program, goes to the bank for depositing fees, spending hours standing in a queue and hassling with papers. Similarly, registrars were also having tough time with enrollments, paperwork and handling large number of queries and reports.

Also, there was the culture of de-centralization which led to inefficient, confusing, and lot of miscommunication between the institution, and student, ultimately leading to dissatisfaction amongst all the stakeholders.

If you are wondering how CRM (customer relationship management) system is changing the landscape of higher education and how it is improving the student experience, here is the answer:

Higher education institutions or universities have undergone through a paradigmatic shift in the way they operate and interact with their “customers” i.e.students, their parents, alumni, employers and staff members. Students have become tech-savvy and demanding, they are looking for levels of personalization too. They expect to register for courses, or schedule an appointment with their advisors, access their grades anytime from wherever they want. To cater this demand of personalized experience and ease, universities or institutions rely on technology – Learner Relationship Management.

Now the question is, what is learner relationship management system? While I am talking about Customer relationship management.

If I simply put what “CRM” is to business “LRM” is to education. CRM has extended beyond the boardroom and arrived in the classroom managing the entire student lifecycle from marketing, first contact, registration of student and then eventually to alumnus/alumna. Hence, it is the technology to improve student’s experience from start to finish.

Driving ultimate experience

mElimu learner relationship management system is aimed to give students more control to their learning experience. It has eased out the entire admission process with its paperless admission portal. There is no need to print application forms and spending time in queues for enrolment, the complete process of admission from enrolment to fee submission all can be done online in a fraction of time from anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive integration with Admission tracking and monitoring system gives better visibility of admission to the students and management as well.

With mElimu LRM universities can target key user groups—prospective students, enrolled students, and alumni—engaging them with personalized and relevant communications, delivering appropriate and timely support, and creating the distinctive experiences.

Combination of a Lead Management, Support System and Analytics makes this tool more powerful to keep institutions on toes towards the needs of students. It leverages all the communication channel like Website, Social Media, Phone, Email and Chat for effective lead management and creating personalized experience. Daily and weekly management reports on prospects and enrolled students leads to better visibility and informed decisions.

Hence, in today’s era it is mandatory for an institute or university to adapt a new culture of LRM by fully utilizing its functionality effectively and efficiently. This, in turn, will make there institute a better place to work or study for employees and students. mElimu is a LRM platform with its key built-in features which promises a smooth setup and an easy life and help you to become a GREAT PLACE TO STUDY!

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