How can Technology Empower Education in Developing Countries?

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How can Technology Empower Education in Developing Countries?

In every field whether literature, science or art there is a Golden age, where great minds work together to discover a style or trend that paves way for future findings. This is also true in the area of Technology as well. 21st century is undisputedly the Golden Ear of Technological discovery that has changed a lot of things on the face of this earth, especially education. In less than a decade, the scope of communication and interaction has become advanced and is expected to become more sophisticated in times to come. With improvement in communication channels such as the penetration of internet and increase use of Smartphone and tablet computers, the age old system of education delivery has received a new lease of life.

Educational technology may not have developed at the same pace to technology itself, but it has set pace for education reforms in many developing nations of Africa. Government and policy makers of these nations have understood that in order to be able to compete with the modern world, it is imperative to propagate an educational philosophy which is modern and technologically superior.

But what exactly is this superior educational philosophy that everyone seems to be talking about? A good education system is not just determined by modern curriculum and existence of experienced and trained teachers. The biggest challenge for education is “reach and accessibility”. Addressing this fallout is the exact premise of educational technology in addition to improving assessment and delivery methodologies.

Thanks to technology, the conventional barrier of learning has been considerably lifted. No longer are students required to be present in a classroom to attend a lesson or lecture. They can very much do with from the comfort of their location. In many villages in Africa, the distance to an actual school may be quite far off. However, with the help of educational products such as mElimu, children can study from any location. mElimu is an affordable tablet computer that has several features to boast off. To begin with it is a low costing gadget which can withstand harsh conditions. Secondly, it does not require constant supply of electricity to function. A few hours of charging can allow the device to work for 5-6 hours. Apart from accessibility, mElimu fosters self paced learning which is one of the most sought after demands of modern day learning. It aims at leveraging the bar of instruction content presentation, evaluation and much more.

Education not only makes a society or community literate, but opens people minds for a better tomorrow. It will make people competent and help them take up jobs that will improve their lives. Social reforms are yet another change that can be attributed to education. With the onslaught of the mobile revolution, and growth of internet and technology at large, these elements are one of the biggest hopes for education in Africa and other developing nations of this world.

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