5 Ways in which Tablet Computers are Useful to Teachers & Students

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5 Ways in which Tablet Computers are Useful to Teachers & Students

As the current dynamic speaks, countries like U.S and China are the biggest market for tablet computers. Ever since the launch of iPad in 2010, tablet computers have become a popular user choice. Apart from Apple Inc.’s continuous effort to improve the tablet technology, other key players like Microsoft and Google are also striving to carve a competitive niche. In addition to that, there are many companies that are making low budget tablets that fit the pocket of many individuals including students and teachers.

Owing to this ongoing trend, the use of tablet in education has become a sought after choice in schools and colleges across the globe. There are many advantages of incorporating the use of tablet in education. In this write-up we have picked up five major ways in which tablet can improve teaching methodology and learning graph of teachers and students respectively.

5 Ways in teachers can use Tablets Computer creatively…

  1. Helps Create Engaging Presentations :

When laptops first came on the scene, the bulkiness of desktop computers was questioned. Similarly, with improvement in the tablet technology, the inconvenience of carrying a laptop around has come under a scanner.  Thanks to a number of dedicated applications creating fund and engaging presentations on history and science has become quite easy. Teachers can simply use these applications to make exciting, interactive slides which will add the visual appeal of the lesson. They may no longer carry bulky and cumbersome laptops.

2. Assist in conducting quick research :

During class or lecture there are times when teacher may feel the need referring something. With a tablet in hand, teachers can run a quick search, thus not delaying the proceedings of the class.

3. Helps provides multimedia feedback:

Due to the excessive use of technology in education, there are number of applications that allow teachers to provide a multimedia feedback. Teachers can now efficiently use such application to correct homework or tutorial on the tab and immediately send it to the student. They need not carry a pile of papers for correction.

4. Allows creation of digital lesson plan:

Making a lesson plan that clearly lays down the entire life-cycle of a course, subject and lesson including assignments and tests is very important. Using a tablet to create a lesson plan is beneficial at two levels. First, teacher can refer to the plan whenever he/she wants. Secondly, he/she can email the plan directly to students, parents or the principal.

5. Helps create interactive content

We all know and school going children engage in online activities a lot. During a class activity or a lesson teachers can use their tablet to record and later publish it on class blog or a social media page. This will motivate children to perform better as well update parents of happening in the school.

Shifting focus from Teachers, let us now discuss on how tablet computers will facilitate learning in school going children….

1. Encourages Interactive Learning

This is one of the biggest advantages of using a tablet for studying. There a many applications that brings forth a very interactive learning environment. The use of tablets, images and touch element encourages a student to learn and understand better. Some, tablets also have cameras or tools that student can use to make interesting science or history projects. These elements evokes in student to learn and explore more.

2. Initiates Personalized Learning

Tablets certainly initiate personalized learning. There are several tablets that come with pre-recorded lecture or lesson.  Students can listen to the lecture as and when they want. They can easily carry the tablet to the classroom, library or home and can study whenever they want to. It is also ideal for revision and re-enforcement, thus meeting the definition of self-paced learning.

3. Helps create interesting school projects

Tablets are also amazing for creating school projects. Students and use different applications as well make sure of learning apps to learn and create interesting school projects and assignment.

4. Embrace the concept of online learning

In this digital age online learning is a sought after educational requirement. With a tablet in hand, students can search for varied topics which is part of their curriculum. They can also participate with other children and teachers for a collaborative learning which is crucial in this age and time.  Such form is cost-effective as all that one need is internet access on respective tablet and the world opens up with most compelling content and study material.

5. Assists in Content Documentation

Through a tablet, students can save important projects, tutorials, notes or any other content relevant to their learning and education. Having all important content at one place is a good idea, as it initiates efficient documentation and gives an anytime, anywhere access to it.

Understating the changing dynamics in education, mElimu is a standalone product that is designed to make education interactive and convenient for children. At the same time it offers features that improve teaching methodology. It gives teachers the much needed support to manage course curriculum, assign test and assignment, evaluation and feedback.  From the point of view of students as well as children, mElimu is an amazing contribution to education worldwide.

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