5 Reasons why mElimu Tablet is Ideal for Promoting Quality Education in Developing Nations

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5 Reasons why mElimu Tablet is Ideal for Promoting Quality Education in Developing Nations

Portable computing devices are being introduced in the educational system of almost every country of this world. There is a big change and technology is regarded as a big boost to extend educational opportunities to students. Several government and educational agencies of both developed and developing countries are heavily investing in policies that encourage the use of technology in education. In last one decade the advancement made in information technology (IT) has fostered the development of communication globally. In fact information and communication technologies (ICT) have paved way for economic development as well as social awareness. For instance, the rampant use of internet via Smartphone’s has opened up African people to the outside world bringing in new ideas and perspective to life. At the same time it has presented the continent with educational opportunities that could perhaps change the future course of development, politics, health care, economic and much more.

The continents of Asia and Africa have highest access to the web via portable computing devices. There is a very obvious explanation for this trend. Both continents are home to one of the poorest nations in the world with major infrastructural drawbacks. Given the situation the heavy cost involved in setting up computers, LAN networks and Wi-Fi is too much to bear. Therefore, there is an overwhelming reliance on portable devices and mobile phones to access internet. In just five years, there is a 55% rise in the market of Smartphone’s and tablet computers. With number of affordable Android computer tablets swarming the African market a great number of college and school going children are seen accessing the gadget. mElimu is one such product that is built keeping in mind the limitations of the place. It has some unique features that bring forth a new take on education addressing both the educator and learner.

Educational product in the like of mElimu shall play a big role in reducing the education gap that exists in developed and developing nations of this world. To take our discussion further, here is a list of 5 ways in which mElimu Tablet is going to be a viable educational choice in Africa.

1. Equitable Access: As opposed to traditional laptops and desktop computers, mElimu does not require continuous power supply to run. A few hours of charging and the device can run smoothly for at least 5 hours. Secondly it does not require internet connection to access interactive content material. In short irrespective of the location of the learner, one can study his/her course material anytime, anywhere.

2. Cost Effective: Affordable price point is yet another highlight of the device. Driven by the open source Android platform, the device is quite affordable. This adds real value to the education.

3. Content Presentation: The success of an educational product largely rests on content presentation. mElimu is synonymous with enriched digitized content material. It has a highly intuitive interface that allows quick access of high quality video and learning material. The device also has a number of learning applications that can help a student review assignment, take quiz, and learn in the most efficient manner.

4. Teacher Participation: Most educational product focuses on the requirement of the students. However, here is a product in the form of mElimu that facilitates the cause of teacher participation in the process of a child’s learning. For example a teacher can manage the entire course curriculum including tests and assignments. It also has an auto evaluation tools and give insight about the topics the class in struggling with. These intricate features of the device will certainly improve the way in which education in being imparted in schools today.

5. Parent Participation: To encourage the participation of parents in their child’s education, mElimu offers a dashboard and SMS based interactive tools. Through this a parent can received all the important alerts associated with learning and progress of their child. This will foster increased participation and ownership of parents.

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