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4 Reasons why Digital Learning is here to Stay

The advent of digital technology and media in mainstream life has brought a drastic change in the way information is received and consumed. Large chunk of online data, social media activities has transformed the traditional methods of exchanging information and query. One can run a quick search on the web and dig out pertinent information about anything under the sun. So be it details about a dentist office close to your home or finding a remote shop that sells your favorite grocery item is only clicks away.  Considering the profound impact of digital media services in almost every aspect of our lives, how can it remain oblivion to education?

Digital technology is an excellent way to transmit educational content. The digital content that rolls out on multimedia devices are quite interactive in nature. Laptops and most recently the wide use of tablets by school and college going students have changed the perception of personalized learning. It allows students to use interactive learning material on their tabs or other devices. At the same time students can also set pace for themselves in terms of imbibing a course or lesson.   Therefore, digital learning is effective, convenient and the future of education. To testify this evitable, here is a list of 5 top reasons why digital learning is expected to grow further in times to come:

1. The Virtue of Digital Learning :

Accessibility is one of the biggest virtues of digital learning.  In the age of internet, the concept of “open knowledge” has preceded over “classified information”.  With information fleeting openly on the web, students can get access to high quality content for learning almost free. In addition to that, nonprofit enterprise such as the Khan Academy and Coursea has brought MOOC of massive open online courses into the mainstream.  Although at a nascent stage of its development and popularity, MOOC has attracted thousands of students to its doors. The enrollment number is high, however a small fraction of students actually go on to finish their credit. This achievement may not be overwhelming at the moment, but in times to come with greater awareness and understanding; MOOC will be a viable option for students who dream to part of coveted institution but do not have the means.  It will also be helpful for working professionals who want to take up a vocational course or training but do not have the time to do it in a traditional way.

2. A New Pedagogical Approach :

Digital learning has set pace for a pedagogical approach which is beneficial for both students and teachers. With the help of digital content and multimedia devices classroom teaching has become quite interactive. The use of PowerPoint Slides, DVD, rich content had made learning several times more interesting and fun. It has also facilitated greater participation of students and teachers. For example, children can have their own classroom page which can be uploaded with information about different class activity activities. Children are also encouraged to submit assignments using digital media format in form of videos, presentations etc. Owing to large scope of digital media, several schools are doing away with traditional methods of teaching. By doing so, children will get access to interactive content, at the same time teachers will benefit from it as they will have a greater control over the curriculum. It will also help them keep tab on the progress of each child which is important to ensure a better learning environment in a class.

3. Sustainable and Beneficial

Sustainability is yet another reason why digital learning is so popular.  Thanks to the upsurge in wireless technology and development of technological gadgets such as Smartphones and Tablet computers, digital media content can now be carried around with utmost ease and convenience. In the last few years, IT infrastructure in many developing countries of the world has considerably improved.   Young people of African nations such as Kenya, Nigeria are accessing internet on their phones and wireless devices. Due to this change, digital media learning has got a new lease of life. For example, educational product such as mElimu aspires to make education more sustainable and useful. The rationale behind the product is to promote quality education in a cost effective and efficient manner. mElimu device can withstand extreme conditions and yet deliver good educational content to students. As for the teachers, the device gives them a better control of the entire curriculum.  Through the device a teacher can keep close watch at the individual progress of a child. They know exactly where the entire class is leading, individual performance of students so on and forth.

4. Generates Interest in learning

Most often than not, children are not quite excited at the idea of learning or studying. However, with the onset of digital learning these feelings can be left behind.  Digital learning is quite interactive. The use of multimedia devices, power point presentation, videos can add a fun edge to a history or science lessons. Instead of looking at just texts books, children can get a visual feel to everything. They no longer need to rely upon the visualization of things in their minds; instead they can perceive things just by looking at it.

To wrap up our discussion on the future of digital learning, it is safe to conclude that digital technology has laid new opportunities in the educational sector. It has become a source of rich multimedia content that will be followed in various section of the educational pyramid. Right from school going children to college attendees, digital education is the way to go. In addition to that digital learning will spread equally across economics, culture and country. In fact in third world nations, the use of technology in education is the real answer to meet all obstacles that come in the way to equal access and distribution of education.

Image : Courtesy anonymousartofrevolution.com, parklandsd.org, edudemic.com

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