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Online Academy

An easy to use highly interactive online preparation platform to prepare IIT aspirants to perform extraordinarily.


How it works?


Select Courses


Design Quizzes/Test


Assign Test


Generate Result



Dummy environment

Prepare students for online test experience by providing them dummy online test environment.



Practice anywhere, anytime on any device. The platform is accessible through any mobile device or tab.


Reporting & feedback

Instant score generation, computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing to boost up student performance and precision.



Test/Quiz Creation:

Platform has advance test or quiz configuring setting to redefine exam experience. Tester can create practice and scoring quizzes. It allows to define restriction, set timeline, shuffle in-between sections & questions etc. To avoid cheating, restrict forward and backward movements.

Question Bank:

Manage repository limitless number of questions in a question bank. Provide ease of creating quizzes and test .The administrator can either add and define one question at a time on the panel or can import an excel file constituting of multiple questions.

Student Management:

The administrator can add candidates using the platform or import multiple candidate through the import excel feature.

Student panel:

Student panel providing a real time test experience. Well defined classification of active, upcoming, missed and completed quizzes and test. Notifications and alerts to keep student updated. Student get detailed scorecards, pictorial statics, etc. to track their progress.

Advance Reporting:

Provide in-depth outlook of the scorecard and marks obtained in each subject, different quizzes, different sections etc. Generate student progress report, status report for a particular test or quiz etc.


eCommerce functionality to buy and sell online test series to non-registered students. Teachers can sell their created test series and other products for aspirants.