How to Secure Online Examination with Remote Exam Proctoring & prevent cheating in an online Exam?

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How to Secure Online Examination with Remote Exam Proctoring & prevent cheating in an online Exam?

Since the global epidemic was hit and closed, the examination center has been canceled. Many educational institutions are turning to online tests to continue the exam process. There is a huge increase in the demand for online invisibility (also known as online surveillance), as test centers generally look for agencies to eliminate the problems associated with delivering a paper test, such as general administrative costs, risks of paper loss, and the cost of the courier service.
Remote invisibility makes the exam room an online experience. Everything is done over the internet and it comes out relatively quickly and easily, not just scalable. Having an online solution means that candidates can take the exam from their preferred location, such as their home or office, and they no longer need to go to the exam center.

Do you have a lot of questions about how safe it is to do an online exam? Is it easy to cheat? How well trained are invigilators? What happens if a student cheats? How do you check the person’s ID or physical location? Is it more difficult to cheat when viewed by an online invigilator, or does an Exam centre work better? Let’s investigate this further.

How to Prevent Online Exam Fraud

One of the first steps in online challenges is to verify the identity of each candidate and confirm that the right person has passed the exam. This is usually done by displaying official photo IDs, but can be supplemented by other means, such as answers to some personal questions. The attacker inspects the candidate’s surroundings, making sure that the note, mobile phone or something else is not allowed.
For computer-based exams in the exam centre, depending on the evaluation application, candidates can secure the exam with the option of checking or using the zip codes, which are given only once. Go. ID checked and verified ID. Even if a candidate has to use his / her PIN code to start the test, even if someone receives the PIN code outside the exam centre, they have no way to access the test because they are not checking.

How mElimu helps to stop cheating during online Exam

Lock Down Browser

mElimu Online Test Platform allows you to lock browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome to prevent frauds such as printing, copying, visiting another website, or accessing other applications in their session.

AI Proctoring

mElimu Online Exam Platform supports Windows and Mac environments. mElimu is a powerful AI engine that analyses test sessions. Monitor AI includes mouse movements to analyse face detection, motion and keyboard functionality, pupil, and test location.

Remote candidate verification

Candidate verification is one of the basic steps of online testing. The first step in online testing is to verify the candidate identity. For most institutions, the biggest concern when switching to online tests is the authentication of the candidate’s identity. mElimu responds to this concern with its candidate verification system.

Set the timer

When students are adequately prepared for their exams, they do not have to think long enough to fill out the correct answer. One solution to this is to set a timer. You can set a timer for the entire test or query.

Problem-solving queries

Problem-solving questions do not rely solely on remembering basic information. Problem-solving questions require an understanding of spatial processes and relationships. These answers are not easily found in the textbook or on the Internet.

Secure test browser

mElimu is a fully automated solution for the online testing platform, which enables colleges, universities, and K-12s to do online testing at any time of the day or night, with no advance schedule. Students use the webcam to record themselves during the exam

Navigating During Exam

Invigilators can allow students to go back and forth among the pages during the exam.