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mElimu LMS comes with a range of powerful online learning features. This user-friendly, interactive and engaging platform is accessible on multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets. You can create, manage and update content in the LMS as well as assess and evaluate learners’ (employees, students, vendors, and partners) performance. Our LMS understands the pain of specially-abled learners as a result our learning platform is designed to take care of their learning needs. mElimu LMS ensures you are ahead of the competition with the right insights into your learning data. It comes with reports, dashboards, and analytics.

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mElimu LMS brings you a world of online learning tools that help your employees, students, customers, partners, and vendors. We take care of every industry’s training and learning needs to deliver seamless learning experiences.

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AI-powered Smart Learning Analytics

Stay ahead of the competition with mElimu’s learning analytics feature. You just don’t get reports and dashboards, but learning and performance analytics for your staff, students, and external learners. Right insights into the learning metrics help you understand them better and offer the best in eLearning.

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