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Teachers register to start making money! maximum UGX 6000 (or USD 2) per student per course unit

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Note: You may collect cash payments from the students and pay mElimu via PayPal or wire transfer on a weekly basis for any balance that you owe us. We have credit your account with 5 premium mobile app accounts. You may purchase more credits with wire transfer or Paypal payment.

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Wire Transfer Instruction: If you would like to make deposit using wire transfer, please contact us at to receive the wire transfer instructions.

Example: If 100 of your students pay for the mobile app, you will earn maximum UGX 6,75,584 (or USD 200) per semester per course unit. Make some extra money while you save time and increase student engagement. We will deduct withholding taxes as per the local laws before transferring payments to you.

Terms and Conditions:


  • Teacher(s) – Anyone who is providing teaching services through mElimu platform by enrolling students.
  • Paying Student(s) – Students who have paid fees to mElimu for using mElimu’s premium products.
  • Free Students(s) – Students who are using basic mElimu web products for no-cost.
  • Free web platform – mElimu’s basic platform that’s available at no costs.
  • Enrolled students – Each teacher shall be enrolling the students via excel uploads or by providing student data in an excel.

Compensation Terms:

  • Teachers shall not be compensated by mElimu for enabling students to use the free web platform.
  • Teachers shall receive a maximum of KES 200 (or USD 2) per paying student per course unit for all the students enrolled by the teacher. This fees is calculated on the basis of 25% of the service fees collected from the students or $2, whichever is lower. Example: If the student pays at list price for student’s fees ie KES 700 (or USD 7), the teacher will be
    compensated KES 200 (or USD 2). However, mElimu reserves an exclusive right to offer discounts to enroll more students with discount coupons, and teachers compensation shall be reduced in proportion of such discounts.
  • Teachers compensation shall be available as credit for future use that teachers may liquidate on a monthly basis (once a month only). mElimu shall deduct any taxes and withdrawal transaction fees assessed as per the local laws and regulations. You will be responsible for the withdrawal transaction fees according to the method of withdrawal.
  • Teachers and students shall agree and abide by the privacy policies listed at
  • mElimu reserves the rights to discontinue the commission with a 7 days notice published on it’s website. Teachers shall be eligible for only the revenues collected through the mid-night GMT of the notice period.
  • mElimu shall deduct local taxes in compliance with local laws.