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Underneath the surface of mElimu, there’s a lot of technical stuff that goes unseen by our users: databases, scripts, apps, applets and algorithms, and thousands of lines of cryptic code. New features are under construction all the time, so you can imagine how much work it takes to build and run such a complex platform. The minds from our Product Development Team got it covered. So who are these magicians? Here’s your chance to meet them!

Rajeev Gupta


Co-founded HyTechPro (a custom software company); CEO from 2006-2012;
Strength: Sales and General Management
M.Sc. Purdue University, B.Tech, IIT Kanpur


Tushar Vohra


Co-founded Mastiff Tech Pvt. Ltd; Acquired by Tricom Ltd (NSE TRICOM)
Strength: Customer Support and Sales
East Africa Experience
B.Tech, IIT Kanpur

Damnish Kumar

Non-Executive Co-founder

Co-founded HyTechPro; CTO and Operations from 2006-2012;
Strength: CTO, HR and Operations
B.Tech, IIT Kanpur.


Vishal Gupta

Non-Executive Co-founder

B.Tech, MERI Calcutta with experience across entrepreneurship, executive management.
He successfully set up and scaled a software solutions business.

Puneet Mathur

Non-Executive Co-founder

B.Tech, IIT Kanpur with strong experience in running Product Development Teams.
He successfully managed large IT teams in several organizations.