Vision, Mission and Values of mElimu | mElimu

Why choose us?

mElimu platform works across multiple devices including tablets and laptops! mElimu’s revolutionary digital learning platform allows students to learn anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience! It provides personalized learning environment, supports offline learning and the tablet support battery life for a full day learning and up to three days of standby.


A Cost-Effective Digital University-in-a-Box Platform for Emerging Markets.


To be the company that provides a cost-effective platform to facilitate anyone to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


To provide learners with an exceptional and holistic experience with technology and customer service to promote learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

BENEFITS of mElimu – Cost Effective Digital University-in-a-Box Platform


Quality of Learning –Enhance your learning and grasping powers with mElimu’s m-learning solution. Just in few ‘touches’, you can know your topics, submit your assignments, participate in quizzes and do more.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device – Technology is beyond boundaries. With mElimu’s adaptive learning platform, anyone may participate in learning from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Students may read, send messages, participate in forums, complete assignments, and study the online course materials at their own comfort, almost anywhere, anytime, and on any gadget.

Self-Assessment – mElimu’s education portal offers you an opportunity to assess your progress in a particular subject and overall. Moreover, you may analyze the fact that where you stand in your class. This way, you know how you can improve yourself.


Proactive Learning –mElimu gives you an open space to enhance your teaching spectrum. This smart and compact solution helps you to rationalize your way of teaching and maintain enthusiasm among students.

Save Time – A striking advantage of mElimu, this solution saves a huge amount of time in your daily activities. Just at one touch, you can spread any information either to your students or the management.

Quality of Teaching – mElimu nourishes the noble job called ‘teaching.’ With technology as a catalyst, imparting lessons not only becomes easy and quick but also very influential.

Colleges and Universities

Expand your market – mElimu assists you in stimulating your presence in the education industry on a global level. With technology penetrating deep in all markets, let the world know you too have joined hands with technology and using it in educating students.

Efficiency – At a large scale, your way of managing the education system comes of age. mElimu reforms your education management skills and escalates your efficiency levels by a higher magnitude.

Turnkey Solution – mElimu is a full service provider to fuel your growth with a combination of hardware, platform, and content services available on demand and pay-per-use basis.