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Why develop a custom software or patch various software platforms to achieve your social goals? Let us provide you a fully integrated learning management solution that has been used by many skill development projects around the world. mElimu learning management solution is designed for low internet bandwidth situations. If you are focusing on youth empowerment and youth skilling, leverage a white label solution like mElimu to train and connect with your users.

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Are you familiar with USAid and Master Card Foundation funded Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)? This program use our platform for skill development across Africa.

What do you get with this turnkey platform?

  • Recruitment with blind screening
  • Registration and data management
  • E-Learning for soft skills
  • Assessments and interactions for hard skills
  • Mentorship and project management
  • Alumni connect to integrate with your program’s alumni

And finally, we provide detailed reporting to support your Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

All in one? Is that possible? Yes it is possible with mElimu

One platform for all of your software needs for skill development projects

Integrated Outcome Management


Figure 1 : Visual representation of Integrated Outcome Management

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Learner Relationship Management (LRM)

  • Review of Application
  • Selection based on Qualification, Merit and Means

mElimu Online Learner

  • Regular
  • Grades
  • Internships
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Skills


  • Mentorship
  • Alumni Connect

Reskilling & Upskilling

M&E & Analytics

Figure 2 : Visual representation of Monitoring and Evaluation Analytics

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Self Employment

Blended Learning

Classroom Learning

Return On Investment

1 Blind Screening for Relevance Checking

2 Continuously Rated by Employers, Credit Officers and Entrepreneurs

3 University Programs with ROI & Costs

4 Sustainability

  • Student earnings through freelance services on mElimu ESP platform
  • Recruitment fees from employers

5 M&E & Analytics

  • Program Evaluation
  • Credit Worthiness Rating
  • Electronic Assessments & Outcome
  • Skill Gap Completion Option
  • Ongoing Adjustments to ROI Score