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What comes to mind when you think of smart classroom?

A room in which a class full of students, black faded Board, a piece of chalk & its trash all around, a wooden bench, your favourite teacher’s face & your bosom buddy and when you look around the walls of the classrooms there were Chart paper’s crafted by the students.
Feels Nostalgic Right?
But yes this traditional form of Education is changing with the Digital Toddlers
Today’s children, called digital toddlers spend their most of the time on laptop, mobile, tablet etc. Toddlers love to learn via audio-video visual communication modes now the era of teaching is also changing with the evolving students. Even teachers are excited to teach subjects with online smart class. With the audio-video visualisation students grasp things easily.

Our new technology in smart classroom strengthen the teaching and learning goals like never before.

Learning will be fun when the upgraded technologies does the exactly what students want to learn though, it makes the boring subjects into an exciting & curious one. The Aim of smart classroom is not only made the education interesting but to enrich and enhance the performance of students.
It is a new path in education. The use of technology can bring a major change in the education. E-learning devices can make an ordinary classroom to an extra ordinary classroom.

Smart classrooms are the new generation educational product which enable proper utilization of computer, projector, internet connectivity and multimedia device to provide the Education as per the Digital Students.

In the dynamic world of digitalization where technology is all pervasive mElimu comes up with the Interactive Object Recognition Character (OCR) which remains the latest innovation in the field of Education..