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Benefits of mElimu’s LMS overcoming daunting challenges

The success of any business rests on the knowledge and dedication of its employees. mElimu’s Corporate LMS addresses the following challenges that hamper the growth of Corporates and their employees –

Anytime, Anywhere – Access from a variety of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops cuts communication barriers, offering instant access to training.

Improved Engagement – Continuous training increases employee engagement in their workspace, sadly many LMSs fail to provide. However, mElimu’s LMS engages trainers and trainees by encouraging communication on all channels and recognizing employees’ efforts.

Improved Productivity – A skilled employee implies increased productivity with hands-on expertise in the newest areas by providing learning material in the form of short-concept videos, quizzes, webinars, virtual classrooms, and questions and answers.

Improved onboarding process – An important part of the onboarding process is training employees to work and deliver better – which is a continuous process.

Pay-per-user – Availing LMSs as SaaS can be costly making companies delay effective training programs. Organizations with mElimu’s LMS pay only for the users they want this LMS to work. Pay-per-user promises an economical way to train employees.

Personalized Learning – Our software follows a personalized approach of learning to each student as per needs, strengths, skills, and interests. Other LMSs often lack this, following a one-size-fits-all approach.

Analytics – What good is an LMS without real-time tracking? Well, there are a few classic software out there that are yet to implement this feature. Our LMS allows employees to track specific areas in which they excel or lag behind by real-time analytics and this

Content to swear by – Access short-concept videos, virtual classrooms, Question and Answers, personal guidance, chat forums, webinars, etc to learn without having to be physically present in the training room.

Continuous training – An ongoing training is imperative to keep professionals engaged and motivated and deal with everyday challenges that job demands – A benefit our LMS proudly features.

Periodic upgrades – Version, server capacity and storage upgrades to keep up with industry demands are integral to the success of organizations using LMS. It is equally important for LMS to not lose its utility and stand the test of time.