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What is smart classroom and why do we need it for digital toddlers ?

What comes to mind when you think of smart classroom ?

A room in which a class full of students, black faded Board, a piece of chalk & its trash all around, a wooden bench, your favourite teacher’s face & your bosom buddy and when you look around the walls of the classrooms there were Chart paper’s crafted by the students.
Feels Nostalgic Right?
But yes this traditional form of Education is changing with the Digital Toddlers
Today’s children, called digital toddlers spend their most of the time on laptop, mobile, tablet etc. Toddlers love to learn via audio-video visual communication modes now the era of teaching is also changing with the evolving students. Even teachers are excited to teach subjects with online smart class. With the audio-video visualisation students grasp things easily.

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Essential Equipment Required.



In a digital classroom Laptop or desktop act as the central system that store and manage the lessons.


Document Camera

Digital camera is simple and flexible to use it allows teachers to project document on large screen


Interactive white board

Teachers can project any lesson on the touch-sensitive board surface with the help of computer and by using their finger or a pen or stylus


Simple projector

With simple projector we can make a normal plain surface into an interactive white board. A projector connected with a computer can display content on a computer screen on to a whiteboard.


Multimedia pen

For the enhancement of overall learning experience, teachers can use a pen to write or draw on the screen that will add precise text or drawing to an image or diagram.



Speakers in Classroom ensure that last benchers or whole class would able to hear the voice and no one misses out any word in the classroom.

Features for Smart ClassRooms

Our smart Classroom provides an Interactive Object Character Recognition (OCR) Tool.

Camera-based Object Character Recognition (OCR) technology which consists a finger-touch interactive board which polish teaching skills with the in-build various application such as ruler, compass, quick shapes and unit converter, the system adapt any flat surface and make it interactive also, makes the session interesting for students.
Interactive display would showcase dynamic interactive multi-media content on any LCD screen, plasma screen, or glass window surface.

Content presentation
Our smart system gives easy access to navigation menu, buttons and other tools also it has 2D & 3D graphics animation which enhance the basic concept in depth.

Gesture Recognition

Our smart system allows computer to understand human gestures it includes any physical movement, big or small interpreted by a motion sensor and execute commands based on those gesture. It provides real-time data to computer Instead of typing with keys on screen a motion sensor perceives movements.


Our smart system provide e-library tool in which teacher can refer any catalog, search book, images and journals anytime to make their students understand about the particular content.

Benefits for Smart Classroom

Students Benefits

  • Smart board makes the learning more exciting and fun for the students it can turn a boring lecture into an amazing one
  • Digital board shows the pain content in visuals, animations forms which generates the interest of students and makes the session successful, not only this it also encourage the ability to memorize the topic for the longer period of time.
  • Smart classroom involves a technology which is time saving for student which allows them to make online presentation and get the immediate feedback from the teachers.

Teachers Benefits

  • By using smart classroom teachers can explain information’s in the form of photos, maps, graph, flowchart and animated videos to deliver the topic in a very efficient manner.
  • Smart board help teachers to deliver the information in depth to students and can refer resources or information from in-build E-Library or through Internet.
  • The presence of smart board helps teachers to explain lectures more efficiently by using different graphic presentation and special effect (photos, maps, graph, flowchart and animated videos) and this involve a quick FAQ session between students & teacher which makes the Atmosphere of class room wonderful and fun.

School/Colleges Benefits

Over the past year, Education sector is growing rapidly with the growing demand of Digital Learner. We have entered into a world where technology is requisite and benefiting both teachers and students around the world.With the use of smart classroom, higher management can view the results in a student productivity.

  • Furthermore, the main objective for providing smart classroom is to make children Tech-Savvy at a youthful age.
    Major Importance of smart classroom is learning without the use of pen, paper, printouts and photocopies means your classroom will turn into a “Go-Green Zone”.
  • Many Administrations have realized the new high-tech gadgets not only hold students attention for longer period of time but improve their ability to learn