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mElimu K-12 LMS Solution

Personalized learning

What is it?
Personalized Learning is an educational approach whose aim is to provide learning as per each student’s needs, strength, skill, interest.

Each kids Learn in different manner just like in classroom that doesn’t have a “One-size fits all” approach.

mElimu K-12 LMS provide personalized learning to students from kindergarten to high school.

Personalized eLearning enables students to customize a variety of new learning models, Innovation and competency based learning involved in the online education process. It gives an opportunity to students to learn at their own pace, in a way that matches to the one’s Interest which will improve students success with high-quality.

Parent Communication & collaboration

In traditional Education system, after having a busy schedule of working parents, they want to know each and every detail information of their child.

Using mElimu K-12 LMS particularly designed for Schools, Teachers can interact with parents easily in a personal manner and discuss about the child academic behaviour, progress, and assignments and schedule and so on.

Parents can directly communicate with teachers to know what their chid is learning, see upcoming & due assignments, activities through the year.

With this communication forum of melimu teachers, parents and students can promptly addressed the problems, by providing success opportunity to each students.
mElimu tools allow parents and students to effortlessly communicate and work together- anywhere, anytime at any device.

Content Creation & course management

Not only students, but also teachers are getting benefit from ours system.
Our mElimu Learning Management System allows teacher to create course, assignment, and quiz within the in-build feature.

Course management make teaching and content creation easy by defining the framework or set of tools for instructor. The Course Management System may include Learning Object, quizzes, class exercise, Change language, forums, and real-time chat. The Course Management System gives more emphasis on teaching, Learning and teacher-student interaction.

Progress tracking

Tracking an eLearning course is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of learner. mElimu’s LMS gives you the authority to monitor the effectiveness of learning.

An LMS can automatic keep a track on recording, tracking the activities, and maintaining the records of learner’s details immediately. With this advance mElimu LMS feature teachers can easily analyse the progress of the student to know how well students are performing in each assignments and quiz. Teachers can timely share the progress report to the child’s parents.