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How to choose a LMS?

Purchasing or downloading an open source LMS is not sufficient to bring value to your institution. Institutions have not been able to get the LMS to work for multiple reasons!


1. How do you budget for a LMS?

There are open source LMS available that are generally not free when you budget for support, training, customization, and ongoing maintenance. It is also a tedious process to procure individual services. With a high turnover of individuals, it is also risky when there is no continuity.

Have you heard your users say that the system does not work??

mElimu provides a turnkey pay-per-user pricing that includes unlimited support, unlimited training, unlimited maintenance, unlimited upgrades, unlimited server capacity and unlimited storage for learning content – What else would you need?

Budget Items
Other competition
Open source
mElimu way
LMS Software $ FREE All inclusive single pricing that you can budget for easily!

Love the mElimu way the best learning management system that students and teachers love.

If you are public institution, a single tender will get you going for the next few years.

Implementation Services $$ wow Find the service providers who charge per hour! Have they implemented it in the past?
Ongoing Software Training Can’t budget for it Oh! Trainer did not know the open source!
Ongoing Instructional Design Training We don’t know it is additional costs! Not my responsibility! Send the teachers to school again??
Storage Costs Will charge you per GB Get a big server
Server Costs Depends on the users Talk to ISP
Customization Where is the scope? Oh! Give them the scope first and provider will get the quote!
Upgrades Will charge you every few months! New software, new customization and new expenditure Contact us for a free trial and a free quote!
Integration with your ERP and Student Information Systems Tell us the scope Oh! forgot that piece, here is another bill??

  A lot of money Will charge in bits and pieces, but their business model works on hourly billing! Watch out! Customization will also move on with them! Evaluate carefully. No worries!
No hassle!
Transparent pricing!

We are a friendly company that is always thinking about your success.

We have budget for it all in a single pricing without any upfront capital investment?

Have you heard companies telling you that they will charge for implementation? What is that for? We are comfortable in a free implementation without any risks of failure.

Contact us via email to setup a free trial and free implementation!

2. Mobile use and offline LMS access

Believe it or not, no one wants to go to an Internet café or buy a laptop for just your institutional LMS. Flexible and 100% offline access on Smartphones is important for user satisfaction and ease of use.

Our learners and teachers enjoy the 100% offline access on their Smartphones.

Hey it’s not about just the offline content - could they do quizzes offline, could they grade offline, could they submit their assignments offline, list goes on!!

No internet no problem! Work now and sync later!

Contact us via email to setup a free trial and free implementation!

3. What features would we need?

That’s an old way. We provide all the features in an all-inclusive budget. We will keep providing new features, customization and integration to get everyone to love mElimu.

Different teachers and students use the software differently – allow them to use the features they love and make their life easy.

Contact us via email to setup a free trial and free implementation!

4. Is it flexible and customizable?

We will go around in your institution and provide all the customization that anyone ever thought about. Goal is to make your work life easy so that you may focus on teaching and family.

We look at analytics and talk to the users about their usage. If they are not using it, we will do our best to provide necessary tools.

Contact us via email to setup a free trial and free implementation!

5. Analytics, Analytics and More Analytics

If you are not able to measure it, please don’t guess it! mElimu analytics is 360 degree. We are able to pull data even from your ERP to help you make useful correlations and decisions.

Mobile dashboard for administration and management cuts the red-tape in reporting. Don’t believe the paper surveys! See the data for yourself.

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Did we forget something to tell you on our website, do write to us at and try mElimu for free!