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K-12 Learning Management System


With the revolutionary impact in the introduction of technology, K-12 LMS is the powerful solution in education system. This area of education has dominion over the conventional education system as it lay more weight in reaching own self-explanatory conclusion. K-12 education management comprises of teaching, learning, tracking, communication tools available across all devices. Having unlimited storage of all the data, teacher can upload course content, kids Quiz anytime, and that too enrolled k-12 students can access-anytime, anywhere at any device.

mElimu K-12 LMS put control over teachers

Teaching is the essence of k-12 LMS. Educational Institution has undergone a shift from being teacher-centric to student-centric. Teachers have to make sure all the activity, kids quiz, course should be design by keeping kid’s in mind.

In mElimu the way of teaching is different and phenomenal, teachers create their own course content and divide the educational content over series of courses, lessons and topics in our system.

Teachers are trained in providing the best practices, also can track the performance of kid’s progress and guide students in the right path for the learning opportunities. So from the childhood kids have the better perception about learning and its importance.

Learning will be more fun and engaging for students.

Learning is no longer constrains only to the four walls of a classroom.

Did your students find Assignments boring? Add Interactive content to make it interesting.

With mElimu K-12 LMS, teachers can create fun quizzes which help students/kids in learning their course also engage the K-12 students to browse their lesson anytime, anywhere according to their interest. This opportunity gives studying at their own pace.

mElimu provides an Adaptive learning technique which would personalise the lessons and its delivery according to the needs of each learner.

With the mElimu Learning Management system students are encourage to come up their personal visons and thoughts.

Students also can enrol themselves in different forums according to their interest. Thus it generate the excitement of Learning in K-12 students.

Parents can Examine their child’s Progress.

mElimu in their system includes parents, who have to enrol themselves to get the real time alerts and notifications, upcoming events details in respect of their kids performance, also can track their attendance record.

By using mElimu application separated private Forums are designed for parents and teachers where they can discuss about child’s academic progress & latest activities happenings in the school.

Progress review report will be issued to the parents to analyse their kid’s performance, with teacher parents can discuss what steps need to be taken to increase the performance.

mElimu K-12 LMS Solution