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Enable your staff Learning

Blended learning

We offer flexible time frames that can be tailored to each learner, enabling them to learn at their own pace.

Compliance Management

We help you keep one step ahead of the trend by giving you greater visibility into when standards are changed or updated.

Rationalise SOP training

We can assist you in developing clear, concise, and easy-to-understand SOPs for efficient remote team training and improved service delivery.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

We provide you with important insights that are required for your reporting goals, as well as LMS data that is suited to your company's needs.

Digital Certification

The course competition certificates make online learning more interactive and give your staff a sense of accomplishment.

Continuing Education

We deliver continuing education to your employees so that they can learn new and improved technologies and apply it into their continuing education courses.

Key Features for Online Healthcare Software:

The #1HealthFit LMS

Scenario-Based Guidance :

Using interactive scenarios to promote active learning techniques such as case-based learning and roleplaying, your workers may learn to replicate real-life circumstances in which they can obtain real-world skills and experience.

Toughest security checks :

Behind a hardware firewall, mElimu Corporate LMS securely keeps your content and user information. All data is sent via HTTPS and is encrypted with a private certificate.

HIPAA-Compliance :

With mElimu LMS, you can effortlessly meet HIPAA and other regulatory standards. This provides the Healthcare business with the comfort that their essential papers, whether for administrators, clients, patients, or healthcare professionals, are safe and secure

Video Conferencing :

Harness the excitement of video conferencing integration for free! With mElimu Healthcare LMS, you can organize live in-person and online training seminars for employees all over the world using a variety of web conferencing technologies.

Gamification :

The mElimu Healthcare LMS has Gamification feature assists in engaging and motivating learners, rewarding performance, and improving communication throughout your business and it will make e-Learning enjoyable while also providing learners with an excellent learning experience.

Monitoring and reporting :

Use constructed reports to track employees' training activities, learning progress, and monitor performance based on course completions, quiz scores, and material access.

Streamline Compliance and Certification :

By keeping track of when a user has completed their certification, an LMS can automatically re-enroll users into certification courses at the proper time to ensure there is no lapse in compliance.

H5P :

H5P assists your staff with interactive videos, presentations, quizzes, surveys, etc. mElimu allows you create and manage interactive material and video within your LMS.

Simplify Training



To provide a framework for managing all parts of the learning and training process from anywhere in the world, whether in real time or via recorded sessions.



To assess if learners' goals were met and whether they retained content after completing the course using Quizzes, Assignments, questionnaires, and so on.


On boarding

Welcoming new recruits into your organisation and getting them to work quicker, allows every new employee to have faster access to the courses they require.


Compliance Training

To assist, administrators, clients, patients, or health professionals in meeting HIPAA and other policy compliance requirements by delivering accurate reporting.



To reward your employees for successfully completing online courses and acknowledge their efforts while keeping them engaged until the course is completed.

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What makes us the #BestFit?

  • ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM mElimu is a pure SaaS based LMS
    with in-built CRM, Live session, and AI proctor exam

  • White-LABELLING To provide best users experience with,
    we allow users to change the overall look and feel of the branding.

  • END-TO-END SUPPORT We are always available to
    you and provide outstanding customer service.

    compliance training standards are all enforced with mElimu.

  • VAST EXPERIENCE Over the years, we've gained considerable
    experience in LMS and reliable online examinations all over the world.

  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & REPORTING Leverage built-in reports
    to track employees' training activities, progress, and evaluate
    the learning program's effectiveness.