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mElimu Learning Management System is designed to help your organization in engaging with your employees with an interactive life-long learning.

What are the top 4 features that will improve your investment in an adaptive learning for your employees?

  • Q.1 : Is it customizable? Ans : mElimu is an agile LMS platform that will adapt to your needs with very inexpensive customized offering.
  • Q.2 : Is it designed for mobile phones? Ans : mElimu is designed for smart phones. Users love their ability to learn on mobile phones even if they do not have Internet.
  • Q.3 : Is it tracking programs and producing custom reports? Ans : mElimu provides a customized analytics. Would it be nice to analyze your training data with performance?
  • Q.4 : Is it affordable? Ans : mElimu LMS is a SaaS platform with pay as you go plans. No lockin

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Have you heard of Hermann’s Forgetting Curve!! If you do not provide ongoing training just-in-time, the staff is going to forget 80% of the training within a week!

Retention (present)

Elapsed time (days)

Source: Hermann Ebbinghaus, Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology, 1885/1913

1 Launch

  • Web Cast
  • Certificate
  • Analytics

2 First Customer Meeting

  • Searchable reference material
  • Available on smartphones

3 Future Customer Meeting

  • Improved learning material based on analytics
  • Revision material and ongoing certification

Save money in travel, per-diem, and repeated training delivery in class room. mElimu corporate training platform provides tremendous savings with an ongoing training methodology.

What do you think is your cost to deliver 10 sessions of 4 hrs to 100 employees each? Is this the normal training need in your organization? We estimate a saving of 75% in this scenario. Even if the savings are 30% with better analytics, this is worth a try? Contact us for a free trial by emailing at

Cost difference between Conventional and eLearning Training

Instructor-Led Training 1000 Employees | 10 Sessions of 4 hours | 100 Agents each

Corporate Trainer
USD 750 (for each session)

Facility (on rent)
USD 1000 (for each session)

  • Development of
    Training Materials
    USD 5,000

  • Travel
    USD 2000
    (for each session)

  • Administration
    USD 1,000
    (for each session)

  • Per Diem
    USD 2,000
    (for 100 agents)

Total Cost (per year)
USD 300 per agent

eLearning Series 1000 Employees | 10 Sessions of 4 hours | 100 Agents each

Total Cost (per year)
USD 74 per agent

More savings - More Training!

mElimu will integrate with your HR system with a single sign-on methodology to ensure seamless experience for your staff.

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics - Would it be nice if you can estimate your training needs, determine the effectiveness of training and engage your staff better! mElimu works on Smartphones and Laptops.