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All Features for Smart ClassRooms

Our smart Classroom provides an Interactive Object Character Recognition (OCR) Tool.

Camera-based Object Character Recognition (OCR) technology which consists a finger-touch interactive board which polish teaching skills with the in-build various application such as ruler, compass, quick shapes and unit converter, the system adapt any flat surface and make it interactive also, makes the session interesting for students.
Interactive display would showcase dynamic interactive multi-media content on any LCD screen, plasma screen, or glass window surface.

Content presentation
Our smart system gives easy access to navigation menu, buttons and other tools also it has 2D & 3D graphics animation which enhance the basic concept in depth.

Gesture Recognition

Our smart system allows computer to understand human gestures it includes any physical movement, big or small interpreted by a motion sensor and execute commands based on those gesture. It provides real-time data to computer Instead of typing with keys on screen a motion sensor perceives movements.


Our smart system provide e-library tool in which teacher can refer any catalog, search book, images and journals anytime to make their students understand about the particular content.

Plug and Play

Easy installation of software and access to it also, content is ready to use in just one click.

Multimedia Pen.

The handy multimedia pen is used to write as per object character recognition on the screen which add more precise art work, text or drawing of an image or diagram. The innovative tool keep Digital toddlers engage for hours and hours and learning at the same time. Hence a great tool to support a child’s creative genius.

Save class option

Our system provides the option to save the class in MyCloud in the form of PDF, word document and audio-video format if teacher feels that the lecture is worth saving for the future reference or to pass it on the student for their revision anytime it is necessary