Privacy Policy | mElimu

Privacy Overview

Privacy is important to MElimu and the teachers, learners and organizations that we serve. MElimu is committed to following both legal obligations and best practices with regard to the collection, protection, use, and storage of private information.


MElimu provides products run by your educational institution at a non-MElimu site. MElimu products also connect with managed service offerings that are run from within MElimu datacenters located around the world. For products installed at non-MElimu sites, MElimu recommends that you consult with your organizations’ privacy policies. MElimu provides a number of options to allow your local institution to discuss your specific needs to privacy guidelines within our products as per any signed contracts.

Use of managed service offerings may result in collection of private information by MElimu. We work to protect the confidentiality of this information and will detail the types of information we collect on the pages linked below. By using MElimu Managed Cloud Services you consent to the privacy policy given below.

Privacy Policy for MElimu Managed Cloud Services

The following are the detailed information about our privacy policies related to all software and service offerings managed from MElimu datacenters.