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Sales Commission

mElimu offers 3 products and services

Adaptive Learning Management Platform:

A comprehensive end to end Learning Management Platform which can be used by educational institutions, training institutions and corporate organisations to manage learning and training of their candidates. Read More

Admissions Monitoring and Tracking:

Enquiry and Admissions fully managed platform which includes payment integration and a backend flow for simple admissions and complicated admissions which could include interviews, group discussions and/or merit based lists. Read More

Alumni Platform:

Engage your alumnus with your institution. Connect, Discuss, Post Achievements, ask for donations and many other features.

Sustainable Revenue Streams

Become a partner and engage institutions with mElimu. You will receive your commissions when mElimu gets paid. This is not a one time payment but a sustained revenue which you will receive for more than one year per institution.

Exclusive Sales Support

If you are already a reseller for other products and/or services increase your offerings by bringing in the best Learning Management Platform of Africa in your bouquet. Use your current circle of influence to sell faster. To know more about mElimu Product and Services click here

Become a Local Brand

Do more than Sales as a partner of mElimu and create your own brand along with mElimu in your region.

Lead the social change

Be the part of social change through education
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Improve quality of education

With the tools which mElimu provides teachers and institutions can improve quality of education. The unique tool which mElimu provides is reports powered through a sophisticated analytics engine.