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Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to increase member engagement and learning

Event Mobile App
Custom Mobile App for your conference or event

Mobile app is all that you would need to engage with your members:

  • IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence
  • Personalization Personalization
  • Session engagementSession engagement with polls
  • Professional DevelopmentAssessments for Professional Development

Participation analytics during the event is available for you to engage with the members via mElimu Learning Management System.

Custom conference apps for your event
Event Registration Software

A software designed by event planner with ease of use in perspective:

  • INTEGRATEINTEGRATE seamlessly with CRM or any other software that you are using
  • Online PaymentsOnline secured payments
  • Manage Custom Websites Manage your brand with custom websites

Small events or Massive multi-day conference – We do it better for you

  • All
  • Cabrio
  • Cars

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Step increase in personalization and engagement every time you communicate with your members and get fully integrated software

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About Team

Underneath the surface of mElimu, there’s a lot of technical stuff that goes unseen by our users: databases, scripts, apps, applets and algorithms, and thousands of lines of cryptic code. New features are under construction all the time, so you can imagine how much work it takes to build and run such a complex platform. The minds from our Product Development Team got it covered. So who are these magicians? Here’s your chance to meet them!

Rajeev Gupta

Rajeev Gupta


Rajeev is a hands-on technology entrepreneur with experience and education in massive data handling and masters in Artificial Intelligence from Purdue University. He serves on the boards of many organizations and startups based in Washington, DC. He is responsible for overall strategy and sales operations for mElimu platform that serves numerous institutions and organizations world-wide.

Prior to founding mElimu, Rajeev co-founded HyTechPro, a software product engineering, and outsourcing company, that has received several awards and has been profitable since its beginning. HyTechPro under his leadership achieved quality and consistency milestones before its second anniversary with ISO 9001:2008 certificates. Rajeev started his career as a consultant at supply chain consultants (now Arkieva). His responsibilities included product development and consulting for scheduling and forecasting.  Rajeev’s entrepreneurship and leadership journey were recognized and published along with a small group of young entrepreneurs in a National Magazine, India Today.  He supports many non-profit organizations and serves on the Washington, DC chapter of the IIT Kanpur Alumni Association.

Tushar Vohra

Tushar Vohra


Tushar is responsible for the day to day operations of mElimu. Prior to co-founding mElimu, he co-founded Mastiff Tech, an IT Services company, later acquired by a public company Tricomm in 2010.  He has been involved on the boards of a couple of other startups.  Tushar gained experience and nurtured relationships while leading sales efforts for Tricomm in East Africa.

His Digital Advertising experience and operations experience as Head of Business Solutions in a leading e-commerce company in India has given him immense exposure of scale and real-world challenges in Consumer-focused companies.

Tushar is an avid reader and an eloquent speaker. He teaches digital marketing in his free time. His style of management matches with his teaching experience. He encourages and challenges his team to take responsibility, innovate and experiment with new ideas.

Tushar graduated with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Marketing Manager

Jason is Marketing Officer at mElimu, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and event management. He goes beyond his normal duties and works as a product evangelist as well.

Prior to joining mElimu, he worked in strategic marketing at several companies including IBM and Microsoft.

Jason’s passion in marketing for innovating technologies has made him an asset for mElimu stakeholders including clients.

His greatest strengths are his creativity, attention to details, and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that improve mElimu products to align with customer needs. He is a member of ASAE and works along with many associations in greater Washington, DC region. A graduate of Boston University and a patriot fan.


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