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Frequently Asked Questions

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mElimu is an adaptive mobile learning platform that enables your students in face 2 face or distance learning mode to collaborate and interact It provides personalized learning environment with supports offline learning.


mElimu’s Adaptive Learning Platform allows students to get a personalised learning experience through its Patent Pending Technology. System adapts based on learning pace of the student and alerts the student from time to time where his/her focus should be. mElimu platform works across multiple devices including android tablets and laptops! mElimu’s revolutionary digital learning platform allows students to learn anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience.

There is no limit on earnings. To earn money, you have to sign-up with us and then engage students for forums, assignments, Grades, Quizzes, and video notes. For every engaged student, who uses our paid mElimu App for e-learning you will get UGX 6000/- (USD 2) per semester per course unit as a reward. You will not earn if students engaged on our free web platform only.

No, it’s not necessary for student to purchase mElimu mobile app. Students may engage on web platform at no cost. Educators will only earn for students who are engaged on the paid mobile platform only.

No, you will not make money from mElimu, if student are not using mElimu’s paid mobile app. Web platform is free for all.

Once you are registered with us, then you have to start engaging students for e-learning forum discussions, assignments, grades, quizzes and video notes on mobile app. When students purchase mElimu mobile app, you will earn money for each student that pays for the mobile app. It will reduce your efforts for managing grades, forums, assignments, quizzes and other learning activities. You can also keep ownership of your content.

You can get paid by 2 ways. You can collect money from your students and after deducting your commission you have to submit rest of the amount into mElimu bank account or you can directly ask student to pay via mpesa or credit card into mElimu account. We will remit the balance of your commission to your bank account.

To get support, we are just a call away. We have call-center setup to support melimu users that is available from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 5PM East Africa Time. You may directly reach us on +254-709049049 during business hours or log your support request via email to

No, it’s not necessary for student to purchase mElimu Smartphone tablets. Student just need to download app from a shared link upon payment. mElimu works on all of android Smartphones and Tablets. We are working on a native mobile app for iOS.

Students can purchased the app once they are engaged with you, they can pay for units as they registered via bank transfer or credit card to mElimu Company Ltd. We will settle your commission balances every month via bank transfer to your account. Alternatively, you may collect on our behalf and remit the balance to our bank account for activating paid users.

Any one may refer an educator to sign on. You will receive UGX 330000 per successful referral. You will earn your referral bonus once the educator sign-up at least 100 paid users. Remember to use your referral code to sign up other educators. You will not earn the referral bonus unless your referred educator engages at least 100 paying users.